Balsana (Maharastra) #save water # save electricity #lifechangingtrip

Photo of Balsana (Maharastra) #save water # save electricity #lifechangingtrip by kvshah
Day 1

India: A rich country in culture and heritage and similarly a far behind in the basic necessity for living life too.

Balsana is small state situated in the Sakri Taluka of Maharastra state, India. We visited this village as part of our Jain temples visit. Vimalnath Swami Jain Temple is very ancient and old also.

How to reach: To reach balasana you have to take turn from Sakri(do not miss the board of balsana otherwise it's very difficult to take balsana road). It is situated near dhule(nearby railway station). It is advisable to reach here before sunset otherwise you can't found the road to reach over here. Also no pedestrians, no vehicles meet you to show the road. Also network problem so you can lost in google map too. It is totally safe to travel here.

Stay & Food: Staying facilities are available in Balsana jain temple and here you have AC room too (but electricity is on&off). Food are also available in Jain dharmasala. You need to take some food and water supply always with you.

panoramic view - solar panels both side

Photo of Balsana, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

Balsana is small village and having very far behind in the basic facilities. They have water supply problem and we found out that Balsana jain temple pedhi (committee) provide the water to the surrounding village by tanker. A villages are small rather population are around 150 person/village. They get electricity after long waiting time and it's due to government who planted solar panel for the electricity supply. I learn to save water and electricity from this people. I learn that if we didn't know to save/preserve our environment than definitely we are in the same boat the people are living @balsana. Population of India increase day by day and the water/electricity crisis are also going to rise. We have to preserve our natural resources for coming generations otherwise they have rationing on water supply and basic necessity of life. They didn't have fresh air, enough water supply and fresh food for living healthy life.

solar panels

Photo of Balsana, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

water tanker supplied in nearby villages

Photo of Balsana Jain Tirth, Vimalnath Swamy Mandir, Balsana, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

Solar panel mounted on all over both roadway side

Photo of Balsana, Maharashtra, India by kvshah

solar panels

Photo of Balsana, Maharashtra, India by kvshah
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