Best Time To Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park

22nd Aug 2018

Best Time To Visit

First thing first, So the best time to visit Sanjay Gandhi National park will be definitely the monsoon season. Be sure as go in morning around 8am as it will take a lot time to explore the place.

My Experience

I have visited National park for the 3rd time but this was the one of the best visit ever. I left my place at 11am and reached there at 11.30am as it is close to my living place. I have been to Kanheri Caves and other parks of National Park before also but this time it was the best experience due to the monsoon. There is not fun of going there in summers or winter. In monsoon you will be able to see waterfalls, lakes, rivers and fresh water everywhere. People also enjoy and swim in many of the lakes as it is clean fresh water. The weather was so nice with water droplets and little rains in between.

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Highly Recommended

1. Do visit by bike or car as it will be easy to explore places. You are allowed to take vehicles inside at a nominal charges.

2. Do visit Kanheri Caves

3. Do checkout the lakes and river in between when you are going Kanheri Caves.

4. Dont go for Tiger/Lion Safari, its waste of money.

5. Do carry umbrella and Raincoats in Monsoon. Also carry drinking water and some snacks if you want.

6. If you are not going by vehicle , do hire a cycle as exploring on foots will be very tiring.


1. Entry Adult Rs.58 Child Rs.28

2. Two Wheeler Rs.45 Four Wheeler Rs.177

3. Kanheri Caves Rs.15

4. Mini Train Adult Rs.45 Child Rs.17

5. Safari Adult Rs.70 Child Rs.28


Photo of Best Time To Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park 1/2 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh
Photo of Best Time To Visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park 2/2 by Ali Mohsin Shaikh