Chandratal Lake. Whats it all about?

Photo of Chandratal Lake. Whats it all about? by Vanshika Oberoi

I read about Chandratal a couple of years back, and from that minute on it's dependably been on top in my bucket list. Nothing can be more alleviating and remunerating than respecting the bounties of nature and that also by completing a trek to a spot which is as yet unaffected by the regularly expanding undertakings of humans.

Notwithstanding being a movement enthusiast and an upcoming travel blogger, up to this point, I didn't get an opportunity to see the wonderful Chandratal lake. So the arrangement came into power in the start of June, a year ago, in the wake of discussing it with my family. The chocolate shading mountains mixed with blanketed pinnacles, the wonderful lake, and the consistently changing scenes left me stunned. Indeed, as I generally do after an outing, here is a point by point portrayal of what Chandratal is, and what's in store from this spot.

Chandratal's Past

There are numerous accounts identified with Chandratal, one of which says that it was a resting point for merchants heading towards Spiti and Kullu Valleys. As indicated by another legend from the epic Mahabharata, it is a similar area from where Yudhishthira, the oldest of the Pandava siblings, was taken to Swarga (paradise) by Lord Indra. Thus, the lake is additionally visited by various fans. The most fascinating part is that local people trust it to be honored, and visited by fairies around evening time.

It's Geography

Chandratal, situated in the Lahaul and Spiti locale of Himachal Pradesh, is a 2.5-km wide new water lake. At a stature of around 14100 feet above ocean level, the lake is encompassed by scree, and darker mountains, which in the winter season turn white. The enormous cirque here offers a glorious perspective on the lake and far away snow-clad pinnacles of the Himalayan Mountain Range; along these lines, making it a heaven for picture takers.

For what reason is it alleged?

As its shape is increasingly similar to a crescent shape, consequently called "Chandra" while "Tal" represents a lake. The Anglicized variant of this Himalayan magnificence is Moon Lake.

What's in store after coming to?

The excellence of this area will surprise you even before you achieve your goal. The moving slopes, excellent glades, wild greenery and little cascades in transit will ask you to loudly say WOW! After achieving this Himalayan Lake, you will be charmed with its shades of dark colored, purplish blue and white as it superbly mixes with the environment, which are for the most part green and precipitous. You may state it is totally dreamlike! The impact of these perspectives would be so unwinding and reviving that you will overlook every one of the stresses that were inundating you a couple of days prior. Here, you will likewise observe a little stupa secured with supplication hails that emphasize the quieting impact.

Best Time to Go

The best time to design a visit here is from May to early October, as the remainder of the time, the lake is all snow secured and thus hard to get to. For an elite encounter, visit Chandratal on a full moon night. The impression of this eminent body in the lake waters gives a shining impact. On the off chance that you happen to visit it on another moon night, you will without a doubt be stunned to see a huge number of falling stars.

Photo of Chandra Taal, Himachal Pradesh by Vanshika Oberoi