Delhi Monsoons A Series By DevenderMeena

17th Sep 2019
Photo of Delhi Monsoons A Series By DevenderMeena by Devender Meena

Delhi, whole year this city melted with high temperature and High Level of Pollution.

And a clear sky is a much of a Dream for a Delhite, also Colors in the sky is also impossible to see whole year except monsoons.

So From Last Two season, We Tried Our Best to chase and preserve The Beauty of Sunsets in Delhi.

I Have Started Capturing Delhi Sunsets/Sunrise From last two years where I have Named My project ” Chasing Last Light”

So Why Chasing Last Light?

Monsoons are The only Time When Delhi witnesses clean Air, clearer Sky’s, Dramatic Clouds And Dramatic Sunsets.

Because It Starts with Monsoon Season And Ends mostly with monsoon seasons.

The Time To Capture Moments Is limited, Which usually Lasts for One or Two Months

Here Are Some Golden Hours Frames of Delhi From My Collection.

All Images Are Copyrighted To ©DevenderMeena

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