Discover yourself with solo traveling!


Discover yourself with solo traveling!

Solo traveling is what, traveling with your own self and that is super amazing. You must be wondering what so amazing about this solo traveling thing (& why I am so damn excited about it). So here I am to talk the talk, the wonderful talk all about the solo travels/trips/journeys/expeditions/explorations (all solos), the one with your own selves and I promise this is the best thing which can happen (actually we all have to make it happen by our own) in our lives, trust me and read me down there:

Feel the connection with yourself

The most awarding thing which solo traveling presents to anybody is the self connection, the soul connection. When you will travel with yourself, you will spend more time with yourself (the best part), you will have amazing self talks, you will find out who you really are? A journey for self discovery is just more than worthy. And you will come to know that you are so damn interesting personality or funny or amazing or amusing or everything and you really need nobody to say these things to you, you are enough to praise yourself. So laugh on your own jokes and feel the inner peace and cherish the self talks on extremely significant solo trip.

Pamper your own self

Yes you need no soul mate or mommy or friend or daddy to pamper you. This time you just need only yourself to pamper yourself and trust me (yeah! Again) this is best thing (again again). Treat yourself with your favorite ice cream or join ballet classes or read your favorite book while sunbathing on beach side or whatever you feel like doing just to make yourself happy. So treat your own self like a princess or prince (oops! I totally forget the males do exist too) while wandering around the streets of world.

Confidence booster

Traveling alone will definitely turn you into more confident personality. When you will arrange your accommodation, your food, your itinerary and everything on your own, what you will find is a new, changed and strong you dealing with all hassles, your own hassles and fighting all fears and overcoming it so bravely whether it’s about heights or water or else, so go for it and create the changed you, the more confident one.

Explore people with places

Traveling alone is not that alone if you mingle with more people around, the locals and the other travelers. And it will gift you new friends and new connections. Resulting new experiences of exploring new minds in your baggage and new contacts in your smart phone and that’s pretty cool, isn’t that?

No conditions and no demands

By traveling alone you can save yourself from demand and conditions of your companions who used to travel with you previously (and to who you are not gonna miss on this solo journey). So you can do whatever you feel like doing whether sleeping for whole day or spotting early sunrises in the morning. And you will feel so good when you’ll notice that nobody knows you here to judge your decisions and desires right from your heart (yippee!)

Pocket friendly

You really can save loads of money while traveling with yourself only which you cannot while not traveling solo. Save your bucks in having some delightful street food instead of having an Italian delicacy at some sophisticated place (which your friend might not like if he/she would have joined you on this trip). Try one solo trip for saving money.

On this solo note, I wrap up from this benefit guide of solo expeditions. I am sure you have got your reasons to travel absolutely solo and I have kinda inspired you to make your own solo travel stories so soon. I am excited to hear your solo travel-stories from you soon…..