Majestic Meghalaya

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya by anindam aditya

When we were deciding where to go in summer vacation of our son DODO we had lots of option in our mind. We thought of ooty, friend of ours told about Dalhousie..also we thought of sikkim, to escape from the heat of summer. We search in tripoto, trip-advisor for suitable places to spend summer holidays. But could not decided at first where to go, as we want to experience a different place with uncommon flavor. One of my office colleague told me about Meghalaya, which is perfect location to visit in the month of May. Some of our relatives told us there is nothing to see exciting in Meghalaya as the tour is only Shillong oriented, means there is only Shillong and Cherrapunjee to see and nothing else. They also told us Meghalaya can be completed in just 4 days. But we have 9 days in hand to spent. So we again search in google to get information about Meghalaya trip. We fortunately get a phone no of a self owned car driver and trip organizer, Mr. Dipak Sarkar in Trip-advisor. He owns an Ertiga and other 2 cars. We contact him( 9862330333, 9615765231) immediately and told him how to spend 9 days and what to see, as we were much interested in visiting offbeat places along with famous places. surprisingly he explain the whole program schedule to us in such a amazing way we decided to visit Meghalaya and booked our flight seats accordingly. Our only condition was that Mr. Dipak Sarkar will be with us along with his Ertiga during the whole tour. And thus our tour was planned.

Day 1

On 9th may'2019 we board our flight from Ranchi at 09:45hr. We means myself, my better half and our son, DODO. We reached Guwahati airport at 14:00 hr same day. Mr. Sarkar was present outside airport to receive us. The car Ertiga was found to be spacious and comfortable for just 3 of us. We reached Shillong at 18:00 hr. On the way we visited Umiam Lake, which looked stunning during sun set. It was a good starter for our trip.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 1/114 by anindam aditya
Umiam Lake in Sunset

We were allotted a 2 BHK apartment in Laban area of Shillong. That apartment was taken as lease by Mr. Sarkar. Rates were very much reasonable. It was felt as home out of home. The weather of Shillong was very pleasant, around 17 deg C. No requirement of woolen was felt. We had a pleasant sleep that night. Mr. Sarkar told us to be ready by 9 am next day morning to go for Cherrapunjee.

Day 2

After a pleasant sleep we get up next day morning and had a nice breakfast prepared in the kitchen provided in the apartment. Mr. Sarkar was very punctual of time. He came sharply at 9 am, and we started our journey towards Cherrapunjee. From the terrace of the apartment building we had a 360 deg view of Shillong town.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 2/114 by anindam aditya
360 deg open Terrace

We get a stop over at Mawkdok Dympep Bridge to enjoy the beautiful Mawkdok Dympep valley. In the meantime Mr Dipak Sarkar became Dipakda, and that only happened due to his excellent behavior. Dipak da taken very nice photographs of us.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 3/114 by anindam aditya
Mawkdok Dympep valley

Before entering Cherrapunjee from the main road a branch road led us to Garden of Caves. Which is full of waterfalls, where you can go behind a water fall. Here also dipakda taken our photos. He has good sense of composition in photography. A fantastic bamboo bridge we found there maintained by local people, which led us to a small natural water tap, called as medicinal water by local khasi people. We drink water with a bamboo made cup. The whole experience was wonderful. There was a natural shower of waterfall where the ancient kings took bath and a big size stone in the shape of pillow. We saw a small heart shaped stone pond there. 1 and half hour needed to complete the place. Throughout the walk different kind of sounds of insects creates a nice background music.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 4/114 by anindam aditya
Heart shaped Pond
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 5/114 by anindam aditya
Dipak clicked it....We were behind waterfall
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 6/114 by anindam aditya
We three on the walkway
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 7/114 by anindam aditya
Beautifully grown Farn
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 8/114 by anindam aditya
Medicinal natural water...the bamboo cups are unique
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 9/114 by anindam aditya
Bamboo bridge leading to Medicinal water
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 10/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 11/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 12/114 by anindam aditya

Next we visited Ramakrishna Mission of Cherrapunjee, which started its service in 1931. It has a museum comprising of nice collection of culture and tradition of 7 eastern states.

Nohkalikai Falls was our next stop. We were unfortunate that cloud ruined the view. Though after a while it gets little bit clear and we saw a glimpse of the fall. We left the place broken hearted. Dipak da took us to Nalgre Restaurant, where we were served nice non-veg thali.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 13/114 by anindam aditya
Non-Veg Thali in Nalgre Resturent, cherrapunjee

After having a delicious lunch we visited Daiñthlen Falls, which was situated far from the madding crowd. It is unique in nature as we can pass the riverbed and roam or stand on the top of waterfall. Less crowded so more calming atmosphere. In the downstream dense forest and rocky mountain creates a mesmerizing view, which can't be explained in words. A mini rain forest down there.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 14/114 by anindam aditya
Daiñthlen Falls
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 15/114 by anindam aditya
Mini rain forest down there....Landscape of dainthlen falls
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 16/114 by anindam aditya
The river bed...completely flooded in rainy season
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 17/114 by anindam aditya
Imagine what will be this in full rainy season

Our next stop was the most adventurous one. The Wei Sawdong falls. The major constrain is....reaching the place. Its straight way down to the falls having around 450 steps, of which a portion made of bamboo stairs. At first it can be scary and can break your confidence. I was thinking if our son could make it, but my wife told me,” it is now or never". We made it and the result was fantastic!!!!. The picture may explain it to some extent or may not. When we get up in our car after completion of the trek, dipakda told us that after evening that area was dominated by wild animals like Jaguars. It was 17:45 hrs and sun-light was dimming.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 18/114 by anindam aditya
Through the dense jungle way to Wai Sawdong falls
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 19/114 by anindam aditya
He was very much scared at first while going down
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 20/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 21/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 22/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 23/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 24/114 by anindam aditya
The place is trekkers paradise

On the way back to our hotel in Cherrapunjee, clouds embraced us. We stayed the night in Labana Hotel. Booked for two nights.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 25/114 by anindam aditya
Its not fog....pure cloud

That night it was thundering and raining cats and dogs.After all it is Cherrapunjee!!!!!!

Day 3

Next day Dipak da came at 9 am and we started our sightseeing….first we go to see the great Arwah Cave. As it was early morning so least crowded, as most of the tourists cover Cherrapunjee from Shillong to Shillong, they not reached yet. The long walkway towards the cave entrance was unique. As childish clouds, spectacular beetles, long leafed farns, small waterfalls, green algae-wrapped tree branches and silence of nature showed us the way.We considered ourselves fortunate to be in such an atmosphere.

Arwah Cave is famous for stalactite rock and prehistoric fossils. Huge natural cave it is. Inside it is cool, dark and scary too. Lighting inside cave is also interesting. It was a lifetime experience.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 26/114 by anindam aditya
In ones life several times this situation come
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 27/114 by anindam aditya
Clouds embraced us
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 28/114 by anindam aditya
Inside Cave
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 29/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 30/114 by anindam aditya
Collector's Item
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 31/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 32/114 by anindam aditya
A short break
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 33/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 34/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 35/114 by anindam aditya
A small spider web

Next we visited Seven Sister falls, Khoh Ramhah (Giant conical rock) and Thangkharang Park.The giant conical rock is a free standing 200 ft single rock having another basket size rock placed atop, which is called devil's basket. In the backdrop Bangladesh plane land was visible.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 36/114 by anindam aditya
Seven Sister falls
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 37/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 38/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 39/114 by anindam aditya
In throughout meghalaya this small isolated graveyards on small hills can be seen

We end our day with Mawsmai cave. Inside the cave it was wet and dark and believe me you will feel like Hollywood scary movie. The whole atmosphere is like out of the world. Small steams will follow you inside the cave pathway. In several places one had to crawl. The cave is very long but only few length is open to tourist.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 40/114 by anindam aditya
Entrance of Mawsmai Cave
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 41/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 42/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 43/114 by anindam aditya

That night we also stay in the Hotel Labana and whole night it was thundering and raining.

Day 4

Next day we get up and had a nice breakfast. At 9 am we left the hotel for our next destination Mawlynnong village. But before that I told dipakda to show us again the Nohkalikai falls, to get another chance of visibility. And when we reach there the view was found to be mesmerizing. The fall is unique in nature. Only you have to see it once to believe in the beauty of nature.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 44/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 45/114 by anindam aditya
From a height of 1100 ft she jumps......"Nohkalikai"

In meghalaya the journey from one place to another is itself a sightseeing. The way to Mawlynnong through Riwai was wonderful. On the way dipakda showed us the man made rat holes in open mouth coal field. At some places we get down from car and dipakda took snaps of ourselves.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 46/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 47/114 by anindam aditya
Dipakda with his Ertiga

Before reaching Mawlynnong village we visited the single root bridge, which is one of the most famous place of Meghalaya. It is a man made natural wonder. The trekking route to the Bridge is a little bit hectic but doable. We never hurried to reach there, rather paced slowly enjoying the surrounding nature. The atmosphere at the bridge and surrounding area felt just like the movie "Jungle Book". We sat for half an hour beside the stream at the bottom of bridge. Never in my life I will forget the charm of the place.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 48/114 by anindam aditya
"The Jungle Book"
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 49/114 by anindam aditya
Creation of Nature and Man ....its a joint venture
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 50/114 by anindam aditya
Khasi Hut

Next we had our lunch in Mawlynnong village.It was Asia's cleanest village. But the area is now very much commercialized. The village was neat and clean. An insect eating pitcher plant tree we found near a house. The main attraction of the village is a bamboo made sky walk which is almost 4 storied high, from the top of which Bangladesh was visible.

We went to Pongtung which is just 20 km from Dawki. There we we stay in Peit Them Resort that night. In the evening we roamed in the village. That night it was also thundering and rained vigorously.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 51/114 by anindam aditya
A lonely Church in Pongtung
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 52/114 by anindam aditya
A typical village house of Pongtung

Day 5

After an excellent sleep and a delicious breakfast we headed towards Dawki at 8:30 am next morning. Dawki is in the border of India and Bangladesh. The river Dawki came down from meghalaya to the plane land of Bangladesh here. It broadens here and the depth also lessens. The water here is clear enough to see through the river bed, particularly in the month of December and January, as the local people told us. We enjoyed boating there. There we found that in the shops Bangladeshi soap,biscuits,agarbatti and chips were being sold.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 53/114 by anindam aditya
very interesting India -bangladesh border on Dawki river bed
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 54/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 55/114 by anindam aditya
The water was clear, but not crystal clear
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 56/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 57/114 by anindam aditya
Dawki Zero point
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 58/114 by anindam aditya

Dipakda told us he will now take us to a spectacular place, which will be a surprise for us. After reaching the place called Shnongpdeng we were really astonished. It was more beautiful than Dawki. Somewhat match with himachally beauty. Dipakda taken us on a hanging rope bridge, which was a spectacular experience. We was little scarred at first to walk on the bridge, but the thrill overcast the fear. Our son DODO enjoyed the most. We clicked a dozen pics.

We were fortunate that no more tourists were there, otherwise there is restrictions in number of people crossing the bridge, as it is an old one.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 59/114 by anindam aditya
Standing on the bridge is a little bit scary...but it's owsome feeling
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 60/114 by anindam aditya
We are fortunate that no more tourists were there, otherwise there is restrictions in number of people crossing the bridge
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 61/114 by anindam aditya
When the wind blow heavily...the bridge swings and our heart also.

We returned at Shillong by 4 PM.After taking a short rest in apartment, we went to police bazaar. It looked beautiful and lively in the night.The Wanton Soup and Steam momo of Kim Pau restaurant was delicious. The served portion of all items were more than enough for each of us.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 62/114 by anindam aditya
Police Bazaar at night
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 63/114 by anindam aditya
Pure Chinese restaurant...
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 64/114 by anindam aditya
Wanton Soup
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 65/114 by anindam aditya
The Chicken Momos were of huge size

Day 6

Next morning we went to visit Rabindranath Tagor’s summer residence, which became the backdrop of his famous creation “Shesher Kobita".

After that we visited Air Force Museum.There different models of jet plane, helicopter,jet engines,guns and models were kept in unique styles.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 66/114 by anindam aditya
What a difference between ground and sky!!!!!!

Our next stop was Mawphlang Sacred Forest.It was 1 hour drive from Shillong.The entrance to the forest was exciting.Four no of monoliths were found guarding the forest.Local guides are mandatory to hire for going inside the forest.It was 45 min trek inside it through various medicinal trees, monoliths, sacrifice ground, rudraksh tree and other interesting plants.The whole atmosphere inside the forest is calm and pure.You will really feel the nature here.The guide told us how sacrifise of buffalo once used to taken place here.After the killing of the animal its intestine was placed inside the sacrificial enclosed and the rest body was eaten by all persons without adding salt.It was interesting.Not a single dead leaf is allowed to take out from the forest.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 67/114 by anindam aditya
Entrance to the Forest
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 68/114 by anindam aditya
Feel the Nature
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 69/114 by anindam aditya
Very old monolith
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 70/114 by anindam aditya
This photo was taken by our guide Lyndo through a gap inside a tree
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 71/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 72/114 by anindam aditya
Sacrificial Ground
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 73/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 74/114 by anindam aditya

Next our destination was Mawjymbuin Caves, which was in mawsinram.Its a natural shivlinga made from stalactite, on which natural water dropping from cave wall.The cave was not so interesting.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 75/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 76/114 by anindam aditya

We return shillong and went to police bazzar to enjoy chicken chowmin and chicken roast along with momo in Lamme restaurant.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 77/114 by anindam aditya

Day 7

Next day was reserved for Laitlum Canyon, where clouds spoiled the view, but the journey to it was so spectacular that it seemed we came in some European country. Wonderful valley covered with clouds.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 78/114 by anindam aditya

After that we go to see sweet falls, which was very satisfying.On the way we see Smit village, where a medium hut like wooden palace, series of huge Oak trees and a stone bridge soothen our heart and soul.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 79/114 by anindam aditya
Sweet Fall
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 80/114 by anindam aditya
Smit Village oak tree
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 81/114 by anindam aditya
the kings residence in Smit village
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 82/114 by anindam aditya

Day 8

Next day was reserved only for Karen Suri falls, which is considered as most beautiful fall of meghalaya.

We left our hotel at 9 am and it taken almost 3 hr to reach Karen Suri.The road to Jowai was awesome...the greenary soothen ones eyes.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 83/114 by anindam aditya
Way to Jowai
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 84/114 by anindam aditya
The Stone bridge was very old..kings used them on horse ride to cross the river
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 85/114 by anindam aditya
Splendid Jowai
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 86/114 by anindam aditya
A cup of refreshing tea in a roadside khasi stall
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 87/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 88/114 by anindam aditya
In North East women are the head of family and business.

When we reach there it was 12:30 noon.The trekking road to the fall is half an hour down.The ambiance, beauty, sounds of birds and insects,different kinds and size of Farns, algae covered trees, colorful beetles, butterflies, small streams and my son's enthusiasm made the trekking above the world experience.Dipakda gave DODO a stick, which he enjoyed much.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 89/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 90/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 91/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 92/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 93/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 94/114 by anindam aditya

We hire life jackets and go in the natural swimming pool below the fall. The water was clean and blue.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 95/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 96/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 97/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 98/114 by anindam aditya

We took bath in upstream of falls, which was much safe. No of Tourists came here is much less than other places in meghalaya mainly due to the distance from Shillong. But if you miss this one you will miss really something special.After 1 hour bathing my son told me he was not satisfied yet. But we could not fullfill his satisfaction level as we had to have our lunch, so we had to came up.After having lunch dipakda asked us if we want to go to Nartiang.A park of monoliths and an ancient durga mandir was there.We were very tired so we decided to return back to Shillong.While return we visit The Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 99/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 100/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 101/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 102/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 103/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 104/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 105/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 106/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 107/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 108/114 by anindam aditya
I dont know the name of the flower

That night we slept like logs

Day 9

Next morning was our last day. We went first to Don Bosco Museum.It is a huge museum, 7 storied high.The spiral stair is fascinating. It may take 5 to 6 hrs to complete the museum, and we done it in 2 hrs.The 3D model of Meghalaya state in ground floor was the best.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 109/114 by anindam aditya
3D model of Meghalaya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 110/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 111/114 by anindam aditya
Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 112/114 by anindam aditya
Spiral stairs

After the museam visit we headed towards Guwahati. On the way had our lunch in JIVA resort, which was pure veg but nice one.After lunch we headed to Guwahati and checked in hotel. We say adieu to Diapakda. He was the friend, philosopher and guide for us throughout the trip, and without him we could not explore Meghalaya in such a fantastic way.

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 113/114 by anindam aditya
We say adieu to Diapakda

Day 10

Next day was our flight to Ranchi. It was a stunning trip to explore Majestic Meghalaya in wondrous way.

Mr. Dipak Sarkar: Ph no: 9862330333/ 9615765231/8257069565

Photo of Majestic Meghalaya 114/114 by anindam aditya