Here Are Some Intresting Lessons We Learn While Traveling Solo

Photo of Here Are Some Intresting Lessons We Learn While Traveling Solo by Dharshini Venkatmohan

I’m Travelling Around since 2017.I have travelled with friends and family. Here are some Lessons I leant only while traveling solo.

SELF LOVE and UNDERSTANDING OURSELF : It is not that quite often for us to open up with ourselves.when we travel solo, we put ourself first in the priority list which will help us to understand and love ourself more. And remember Self love is not being selfish. It is just us with zero expectations from others, loving, encouraging,motivating and enriching ourself to be a better version of ourself.Traveling alone opens up our heart and mind. It not only find our soul but Also makes us to realise what we have been all along.

BEING INDEPENDENT AND CONFIDENT : Freedom always come with challenges. When we travel alone we will have to face lot of challenges “Independently”. Handling challenges by ourself will make us feel strong and believe in ourself. This will definitely boost up our confidence.

REGAINING FAITH IN HUMANITY: We live in the world filled with back biting, work politics, betrayal, etc. when we travel , we receive lot of help from other travellers and localities there. Whenever I have conversations with the localities, their kindness, humbleness, honesty and modesty make me believe in humanity.And me being kind and helping others make me feel really good.

CONNECTING WITH NATURE: When I was trekking in Himachal With the fear of getting lost, walking on the unknown path. The cool breeze, sun shine and mountains dressed up like angels whispered No mater how many times I get lost, nature will always recreate me.

Generally, when we are alone we get to observe many things around us. The same way when we travel alone, nature is our only companion. Specially when we travel to naturally blessed places like mountains, beaches and islands we can observe, feel and connect with the nature easily.

REGAIN PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FITNESS: Somewhere i felt like I’m losing my physical and mental fitness so just decided to travel around the Himachal. Traveling keeps our mind and body active eventually we can gain back our physical and mental fitness. When we travel alone we will have lot of space and time to think and analyse ourself. we observe the nature and people around us and it gives a kind of calm feeling . It refreshes our mind. Eliminates the negativity and help us forget some bitter experiences we had . Sometimes we can even find easy solutions to some serious problems.

UNDERSTANDING THE IRONY OF LIFE: Only after crossing the boundary around me, I realised life has no boundaries at all. When we travel to some remote places and hill tops ,the life style of the people there is very simple but it also complicated for them to get their basic necessities. This is the irony of life. Simple life is complicated.

MAKING MEMORIES: Our good golden memories are the major assets we earn in our life. Traveling alone is a different, challenging and amazing experience where we get to learn and experience lot of things. We will have lot of incidents to share and I’m sure no one can forget their first solo trip. They are golden memories.