How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

14th Nov 2017
Photo of How To Eat Healthy While Traveling by Vincent Stokes

Many people do not have any trouble eating healthy while they are at home. However, eating healthy while you are on the go can be challenging. Many people will turn to easy options such as fast food, when in reality, it isn’t as challenging as people think to find healthier options. There are a number of things that you can do in order to eat healthy while on the go.

Pack Healthy Snacks

One of the best things that you can do to eat healthy while on the go is to pack your own snacks. A pre-made salad, hard boiled eggs, carrots, broccoli and guacamole are some perishable items that are healthy. You can keep these items fresh by keeping them in a large ziplock bag with an ice pack.

If you are flying and not sure about whether you can bring an ice pack on the plane, then you can fill up an ice cup after you get passed security. Nuts, seeds, protein bars and dried fruit are some of the non-perishable items that you can pack.

Eat Something Every Few Hours

Eating frequently throughout the day has many benefits. It not only keeps the hunger pangs at bay, but it also helps stabilize your blood sugar. Furthermore, eating frequently throughout the day will help prevent you from overeating during meal time.

You will be able to keep your energy up by eating snacks frequently. On the other hand, eating too much at meal time can be harmful. Your body will be more likely to store the excess calories as fat if you eat too much during a single meal. You will also feel sleepy and sluggish if you eat too much at one sitting.

Eat a lot of Protein

It is important to get plenty of complete protein. Complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids that you need to stay healthy. Some people will find the best pre workout for their protein needs and supplement it into their diet. Alternatively, animal protein is also a great source of protein. This includes red meat, seafood and poultry. However, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, then you can still get complete protein from nuts, beans, whole grains and seeds. Eating a combination of those foods will give you the best results.

Avoid the Feel-Bad Foods

The feel-bad foods are the ones that you may crave, but they are not good for you. Unhealthy foods can drain your energy. Foods that have a high glycemic index are an example of foods that you will need to avoid. This includes soda, fruit juices, sweet foods and white bread are examples of things that have a high glycemic index. These foods cause your blood sugar to rise. They can give you energy temporarily, but you will feel sluggish shortly after you eat these foods.

You will also need to avoid non-fat desserts. The ingredients that they put in the desserts to preserve the taste are not easily digested by your body. They can also cause you to gain weight. Deep-fried foods, excess alcohol and margarine are examples of other things that you will need to avoid.

Drink a lot of Water

Water is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about food. However, water is essential for life. Every function that your body performs requires water. Drinking water helps flush toxins out of your body. It also helps keep your skin fresh. Additionally, water is a natural appetite suppressant.

If you are craving something that is unhealthy, then you may want to consider having some water. In many cases, cravings for unhealthy foods can be remedied by drinking water. Your water needs can vary. However, you can get an idea of how hydrated you are by looking at your urine. The lighter it is, the more hydrated you are.