Indians Travel For Social Status, Says Survey

Photo of Indians Travel For Social Status, Says Survey by Priya Pareek

While most travellers are driven by excitement to explore and explode in the world, majority of Indians travel for social status. We are not saying this but it is a revelation of a new survey.

The report suggests that 75 percent of those polled undertake a leisure travel. About 88 percent Indians also travel to ‘give themselves some time to relax,’ says a study by

Tempted by nostalgia, 80 percent of surveyed people travelled to ‘rediscover past good times’, 79 percent people were driven by urge ‘to experience a simpler lifestyle’, 76 percent ‘to get away from the demands at home’ and 75 percent revealed that for them travel was about ‘going to places where their friends have not been to.’

The study was conducted between October 16 and November 12, 2018 and surveyed 53,492 people from 31 countries of whom 1,852 were Indians. The study revealed that for most people across nationalities major motivation to travel is to get some downtime.

An important motivation for 85 percent of global travellers is to get some me time to relax. For most Danish and French travellers, ‘being free to act how I feel’ is a major motivation.

The study further reveals that 83 percent Chinese and 76 percent of the Taiwanese travel mostly to ‘experience simpler lifestyle’ while 73 percent Argentineans are driven by ‘nostalgia to rediscover past good times’. 80 percent Hongkongers, 72 percent Germans and 66 percent Japanese are most likely to travel to ‘get away from the demands at home’.

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Clickbait. What a lousy article.
Thu 01 31 19, 08:11 · Reply (1) · Report
Sun 02 03 19, 09:31 · Report
everything indians do is for social status - clothes from head to toe, cars, houses from interior to exterior, marriages from wedding card to return gift, mobiles, careers, to what they eat, what music they listen to, what gym they go to, even what friends they have etc etc its an endless list.. theres no individuality anyway..only 1% people do what they do out of passion.. whats your point??
Tue 01 29 19, 01:29 · Reply (1) · Report
Hands Down!!! The ultimate truth
Wed 01 30 19, 04:37 · Report
How did you come to this conclusion?
Tue 01 29 19, 00:01 · Reply · Report
She has given percentages for all the reasons why Indians travel EXCEPT for the one for social status. I've seen more thorough work from Kindergarten kids.
Mon 01 28 19, 14:44 · Reply · Report
Title is misleading
Mon 01 28 19, 04:31 · Reply · Report
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