Last moment planned dehradun & mussoorie trip


It was a weekend with firday being a holiday for mohram so my best friend & me planned a getaway to dehradun with her b.f. included becoz he belonged to dehradun..we went to i.s.b.t (me,my best friend & her b.f.) ..little did i knew that they were trying to hook me up to a guy & he was already waiting at i.s.b.t & the time they told me that he was coming with us i remember i got so furious to cancel the trip.

We boarded the bus from i.s.b.t & i sat nxt to my bestie..but during the ride we chnged seats & "the guy" then sat next to me...after talking to him i thought we could b friends & then as we covered each mile the distance of silence between us disappeared & as we entered uttarakhand we looked at the night sky & all the bright & shiny stars & the full moon was mesmerizing..with all the mountains passing by it just got better & we talked non stop.when we all reached there the rickshaw driver helped us to get a nyc,decent & budgeted place to stay.the window in my room showed the mountains of mussoorrie from where the lights were coming & it looked like a thousand diyas hanging in the sky.nxt day we woke up & got ready to go to robers cave on scooty & when we reached there & went inside there were high mountains on both the side & water was dripping from everywhere but it was kind of adventurous & we all decided to explore the end of the cave ...i dont think we even got close to the end & we were so tired that we all sat in the water only & splashed water on each other & then we went back ...on the way we ate at a local dhabba ...kadhi chawal & it was so familiar with the home cooked kadhi chawal that i almost forgot that i am away from my home & the auntie who served us was asking to take more..but that one plate was enough for everyone..& on nxt day we went to mussoorie that was 200 km away & on mountain from dehradun.& this tym i get to ride the scooty.we went up to the mall road & parked our scooty near a & my friend got crazy shopping there & almost bought everything i bought a bamboo painting ,muffler,a hat &an anklet..also bought a pair of gloves for "the guy".it was around 5 in the evening when we decided to go back & starting riding .we stopped in middle & ate maggi at a maggie point & looked at dehradun from above & it was like a plate decorated with candles or was so amazing..& that was the moment of peace for me.this was my college getaway during one of my weekend.& the guy & me never had just never clicked..hahahhaha...& i am thankful to God for that..

&when i was back in delhi i missed the place so bad that i wanted to go back all alone..but my best friend being always with me it was next to impossible..hahahha.

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