Learning How to take beautiful travel photos

7th Sep 2021
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Beautiful photos today are more likely not a matter of technology, but a special view of the world. Smartphones also have good cameras - you don't have to carry heavy equipment with you. It is much more important to learn to notice the right moments. Here are some tips from the pros. By the way, you can selling your travel photos as stock images would be a creat option.

Don't take pictures of everything

Novice photographers press the camera button every minute - they are afraid to miss something. When the urge to capture EVERYTHING passes, the process becomes more thoughtful. Professional photographers say that sometimes they want to put the camera down and just watch what is happening, absorb, "take pictures with their eyes."

People are the most interesting

Photos of sights, even beautiful ones, are boring. There are thousands of such pictures. People bring life to photographs because they can convey emotions and the scale of objects. Perhaps a photo of a child chasing pigeons against the background of the Blue Mosque will be more interesting than a photo of the mosque itself without people.

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Pay attention to details

The best shots are those that immerse the viewer in the state experienced by the author. How do you express the entire spectrum of experiences in the two-dimensional space of photography? Well-noticed details help in this. It is from them that the journey consists. The road, accommodation, food, people met along the way, lighting - all this can convey the atmosphere.

Go further than others

The best way to discover beautiful, non-trivial places is to explore. Get off the beaten tourist path, get lost among the streets of an unfamiliar city, get to know the locals, go to a completely non-touristy, but authentic village ... This is how vivid and vivid pictures are born.

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Get up early

A lot of interesting things happen in the morning, and the light is much better than daylight!