Letters to her from Chandrataal

Photo of Letters to her from Chandrataal by deepjyoti_biswas
Letters to her ????????
Imagine a place that will give you the blessings of both the mountains and the sea, and surely Chandrataal is one such.
You feel a sense of familiarity even if you come for the first time. A lovely sort of deja Vu. When you listen to it's winds, or the waves that shiver your feet with chill, or just sit silent and look at it's unending beauty stretched at horizon, there is a sensation that you have been here before. As I drank a little of the cold water , I felt the energy of a thousand lives on my lips, as though my soul had known this place for eternity.
People say two young lovers met here , ages ago, before even time had began.
" Chandra " was the princess , daughter of moon, entiled to light the world at night, after her father would retire. Beloved for her kind and calm aura.
" Bhaga " was a glorious prince , rightly heir to the throne of light, his father being sun. Entilted to  light the earth and become the sun. But fate plays games with life , and more so does love. As two lovers thought themselves inseparable, they decided to marry, even against their family and their wishes. They eloped , but were cursed. Chandra came down to search Bhaga, here on the banks by the lake. But didn't find him and started to walk away in search of his beloved lover. Bhaga was a little late to come , and not finding Chandra also started his search for her. And thus the search continued not knowing , their curse.
Like the sun and moon, could never rest nor retire , Chandra and Bhaga were cursed never to find themselves even if they were close.
Ages past, time started , yet they search for each other even today , may be through you and me. Who knows.
I cannot stop wandering how happy you would be running around wild and free here. And how happier would my eyes be to see you splashing your feet and face with this tiny droplets of magic , as the whole glorious surroundings smiles on a sunset. Only if you would knew, by heart, how wild and free you are meant to be, and that you belong here with me.
With love
From Chandrataal
Photo of Chandra Taal, Himachal Pradesh by deepjyoti_biswas