Photo of LIFE LESSONS FROM BIKING 1/5 by Niraj Patil

“Books are for the shelves, life is right there, out in the open”. That’s what I have always believed in and have lived by. BIKING, it has been an integral part of me since 2015 now. The very first time when I headed for a long bike ride with one of my school friend’s and that’s where I understood that here’s where Men and machine can be one soul together. That feeling of wind gushing through your hair and caressing your face literally makes you feel on top of the world and is literally an escape. Over the years there have been some good experiences and the bitter ones as well and that’s what has shaped me as a person. Here I want to share those life lessons learnt form biking the sweet way and the hard way.

1. Planning: Beginning with the most important point that is planning. You learn to plan things in advance before heading for a bike ride. Planning about the route, destination and even about the unforeseen circumstances that might arise. You plan your mind to face all these and things and that brings me to lesson number 2.

2. Be ready with Plan B: Life ain’t all about sunshine and rainbows. When you head out for rides, there are chances that things might not work out according to your plan. You might get lost along the way, you might have a breakdown of your bike or the other thing. You always need to have Plan B ready. Which in turn can keep your mind calm and let you think during such circumstances. Life demands the same from you when it throws Plan A out of track and you need to be ready with Plan B

Photo of LIFE LESSONS FROM BIKING 2/5 by Niraj Patil
Lost in the woods amongst a rivulet

3. Alertness/Focus: Reflexes in other words is the most important thing that I learnt as a Biker. Bike riding teaches you to be super alert and be proactive. You never know what’s next. An oncoming vehicle, a blind curve, a slippery road with no instructions. All these check your reflexes and need you to be super alert while riding. All your senses are at work while riding and helps you sharpen your brain with decision making skills.

4. Always being Helpful: This is the most important thing I learnt as a Biker. While travelling across the regions I had faced issues where I had my Bike into a mechanical breakdown or I had lost my way or I had no connection to make phones calls and the strangers didn’t hesitated to help me out from every scenario and I learnt to give it back the same way where I found strangers who needed help. Life is all about giving that’s what I would say, the more you give, the more you receive.

Photo of LIFE LESSONS FROM BIKING 3/5 by Niraj Patil

5. Story telling: While riding I came across people from different places, regions and even different countries. It made me feel so happy to connect with them and listen to their stories and their adventures. Slowly as I listened to their stories I had no idea when did I turn into a story teller. And as they say, “Traveling, it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller”

6. Gratitude: Bike riding will make you feel grateful for what you witness, to all those adventures and misadventures. For all the places you travel, the cultures you experience, the people you meet, the delicacies you taste its all incredible and you learn to be grateful for life being able to gift you with all these experiences.

Photo of LIFE LESSONS FROM BIKING 4/5 by Niraj Patil
Grateful to these machines for taking me to places where I had dreamt of (Tawang biking expedition)

7. Happiness: Happiness multiplies when shared. Sharing those stories with the people you meet, the joys, the sorrows and the pain. Life can never be so stressful when you have so many people around you with whom you can share all this with. You meet the nicest people on motorcycles and yeah that’s true.

Now all that being said, biking has truly transformed me into the person that I am today. All those adventures and misadventures have left a mark on my heart and left my body with some scars from the misadventures, but it’s surely all worth it. I truly can relate to these lines by an anonymous rider that says “FOUR WHEELS MOVE THE BODY, TWO WHEELS MOVE THE SOUL”

Photo of LIFE LESSONS FROM BIKING 5/5 by Niraj Patil

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Till then, see you soon on some ride !!