Life of dipika

4th Apr 2020
Day 1

Have any of you taught or wished to have a Name that's not your name but that's your name? Got me? No? Yes? Hahaha

So here it goes,

Let me tell you a story about a mouse named Laurie. 

Argh hold on, Did I go out of my content? I might have I might not 🙄

Did you know according to #wtffacts your name represents You.

So , I've given a birth name as Alekhya which according to my parents is intelligent, according to google is a beautiful painting and according to my bestfriend it's immature. 🤷

That's how confused it got to me, just like the name 🙆

But never mind , I got a #travelname , yes you read it right. 

So now let me tell you about my "albatraoz story" 

On a fine day I've decided to go on a backpack trip with my famjam to the most beautiful place on the earth, I would write about that in my next ⏭️

Let me not be Alekhya and confuse you right now. 🥴

Once we reached the place everything was chaos.

And there was this random person randomly started calling me Dipika, coming from a "typical traditional authentic south indian family" and being on a holiday with fam, and talking to stranger, WHAAA?  I ignored.

But later me and the random person became good friends eventually as we had the accomodation at their place. So my strict mum was also okay with it too (woah. Ikr) 😏

He continued calling me Dipika,and I was being introduced to people as Dipika, which somewhere made me feel good and left a positive feeling about the name.

I somehow got connected to the name so deep, that I started to realise how the name changed my personality.

When something makes you feel confident and good from inside, trust your instincts and go for it, that's how i started to introduce myself as Dipika

Alekhya is someone who loves to be with family , goes to the work she hates , has too many demands too much drama and too many complications and very confused with life 🥴

But Dipika?

She's a happy person with zero drama and very clear in what she wants, Figured out yoga makes her happy, thats where I came out of my cocoon, went on a solo trip and then I decided to have a #travelname and guess what? When I introduced myself as Dipika to my fellow backpacker's they stared at me for a sec and said "that name is so perfect for you" Now you know it Dipika never takes a wrong decision 😎

Someone never told that to me before, instead I had to tell my twice or spell my name #alekhya 🥴

So girls, let me be clear having a travel name is always a #pro,  Noone can ever stalk you. (Safety measures)😋

Also, I've never known myself this much before.

Never knew watching stars all night make me so happy.

Learning new things, Being Independent, Now I manage to speak 4 International languages , One of my current favourite is Hebrew. (Lamakhaka?) ðŸ˜‰

And most importantly Dipika is never confused.

So, Be like Dipika 😎

So, what does Dipika mean now? For me it's my name that makes me feel strong , happy and independent and then I said to myself ,

I got it

I'm an alabatroz

This is alabatroz 💪

So when I get back home, I'm Alekhya only but this time with less drama, less confusion doing the same job I hate but with full heart. 

For people whoever asked me how do you travel so much and get back to routine life immediately.

 "Dipika is the secret of my success "😉 💯

 Now, tell me have you ever wished to have a name that's not your name? 🖤

      Any of you meet Dipika at the mountains or at a beautiful sunset 🌍

        Remember, she leaves a special impression in your heart too ❤️

                                Phir Milenge Chalthe Chalthe

                                               - Dipika 💌

Photo of Life of dipika by Alekhya chow