Lockdown- Is it fate?

6th May 2020
Photo of Lockdown- Is it fate? by Mrigank Keshav

Since the day we are born (90's people) we've seen things changing around us every moment, be it people or the environment. Gradually, both of them equally impacted our lifestyles in some or other way, and we got acclimatized to it because we had to.

Understanding both from a researcher's perspective, we can say that environment is completely dependent upon its people. The way they behave, the way environment will behave. Both are directly related as, if people are good towards it then environment will be good to us and vice-versa. Well, I am pretty sure that most of us took our environment as a dime a dozen.

But has this lockdown came as a lesson for us? Is this a sign from the environment conveying, that's enough. Maybe , this lockdown was meant to happen. Maybe, through this lockdown, it wanted to exhibit its beautiful side. Maybe, it wanted us to have control on our desires. We can perceive so many things outta this lockdown based upon our imagination level.

So, have you ever noticed one of the features in your smartphones? It shows everyday's  AQI- Air quality index. Now if you know it, did you ever check it before the lockdown period and have you checked it recently? I am sure everyone used to be so busy that very few of you would have got a chance to check it.
But, i am pretty sure you all have felt it, you all have smelt it.  How was it? Was it good? Was it breathable? I am sure I'll get a very common answer for this. Well, I'd suggest you all to once head to your terrace and smell the nature now. Feel it!

You all can smell the grace of our nature.

Head to your terrace for once and just look at the night sky. You won't be able to count the number of stars you'll be seeing. If you got lucky, then you may see a shooting star too. Don't believe it? Well, i saw it just weeks back. I am sure you can try your luck too.

Had someone ever imagined that they'll be able to breath such clean air, with no factories emitting any sort of pollutants, no traffic on roads, people sitting at their homes, some of them have nothing to do. And all these happening for months. It sounds both scary and pacifying too on the contrary.

Well, who'd have ever imagined that one can see 'The Great Himalayas' from more than 300 kms ahead, that too from your own terrace? How satisfying could it be! Sitting on your terrace, watching The Himalayas,  alongside your tea complementing you. Sounds perfect, right?
Well, we are the only ones who have gifted this opportunity to ourselves. So, can we say that this lockdown has come for a good cause? To teach us a lesson. To teach us something that we should have taught ourselves a long back.

I think we can infer that the nature is just showing us that how glorious can it be, if we just don't poke it to fulfill our own unwanted desires! How beautiful can it be if we go hand in hand. But it came out to be so benign in conveying us this thing even after suffering so much from us. What else do you expect? Such selflessness!

I think it's time, that we understand what nature is expecting from us. If it can be so kind to us even after getting so much suffering, then why can't we understand a simple thing about it? What does it want from us in return? Let's just think about it for once!

Because it's now or never.

Because, may be this lockdown was meant to happen!