Lonavala Villa Visit..

9th Jul 2016
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 1/14 by Traveloclue

After 9yrs of our friendship and it was our first trip to Lonavala, It was a super exciting moment for us that we all girls were going to visit some place alone after such a long time. Lots of discussion happened and we looked out for so many options for our stay, we finally decided to book this villa. We were a group of 8 people to be occupied in this 3 Bhk villa. I got enthuse to write this blog about our special visit to Lonavala Villa stay. My special emphasis is on this villa. The most beautiful and mesmerized place I have ever visited in Lonavala. I had been visited before on my official trip, but never experienced the stay in this villa. I have waited for a long time to stay in such a beautiful place. We all were waiting for the day to arrive and as it was a weekend, the monsoon had arrived the stormy weather super excited to go to this place and that the day had arrived. We reached the place around 1pm after a long run and passing through the traffic jam we had finally reached the place.

Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 2/14 by Traveloclue
The Villa Exterior

Our Stay: This Villa is located near the Bhushy dam far away from the main market area and hustle bustle of the city and crowd of Lonavala. The entrance of this place was completely overwhelmed. Located in the middle of the thick forest with a breathtaking panoramic hill and bhushy lake view. This quaint farm house was built in the 1980’s with a complete stone wall structure, Perched on the hill giving an inspiration vintage look. As we entered the villa there was a small porch to sit in the entrance and a shoe rack. The entire villa is painted in white color.

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The Living Room
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 4/14 by Traveloclue
Seating area

The place was kept so clean and the attractive colorful linens, The wooden furniture and that the modern interior decoration gave it a bohemian chic look. The living room of this villa has a large dinning area where 10 people can dine easily, followed by the kitchen which is fully equipped with a classy crockery. It also has an attached terrace which is the USP of this villa. This terrace offers you a spectacular lake and Panoramic hill view which is completely incredible that will let you fall in the lap of the nature and forget all your worries and thoughts. What will remain is just your soul and peace around.

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The Terrace
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 6/14 by Traveloclue
View From The Terrace
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Hill view From the Villa

This villa consists of 3 bedroom, 1 on the 1st floor beside the living room and another 2 on the ground floor in the basement. This 2 bedroom has a sliding French window with a Hammock and a small seating area. As being a Monsoon season, it was raining heavily and the winds were blowing hard, we could hear the scary noise of the winds continuously. Later after some time there was fog all around which entered the villa also making the environment awe – inspiring. We had a great time clicking some selfies and pictures on the terrace. We enjoyed the rains fullest.

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The Bedroom
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 9/14 by Traveloclue
Me And My Besties

Later in the evening, the temperature starting falling down and it was too cold and dark around. We on the lights, burned some candles turned on the music and welcomed our beautiful evening with some old talks and listening to some old music and dance. The Villa had a complete different look in the evening. It had Tv and small library with good inspirational books to read, some DVD of famous movies were also part of this library. We had carried playing cards which we played till the end of our tour hahahaha!!!..

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The Villa view in evening
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 11/14 by Traveloclue
The Evening View
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 12/14 by Traveloclue
The Candle

Being in the rare location, there is nothing in and around the villa. But there is a facility where one can order their food from nearby joint. The food of this joint was too good both Veg and Non veg facility is available. It is advisable to carry some snacks, water, Cold drinks if required and your personal utilities well in advance. The caretaker here is very cooperative and helpful.

The most beautiful part was when we woke up in the morning it was a tremendous feeling to get up in the heart of nature, hearing the birds chirping, the sound of the raindrops and the wind noise. Wow!!! It was simply marvelous experience which can’t be described in words, But the day had come to end and that it was time to leave, the caretaker had prepared yummy breakfast for us.

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Morning View from the Terrace
Photo of Lonavala Villa Visit.. 14/14 by Traveloclue
The Hammock

The overall stay was very phenomenal, which left us all spellbound, I wish to visit this place once again and again. The pictures and words are very less to describe this place because the place is worth experiencing. Well, thanks to all my besties to accompany me, it was a great time we had and the memories we have bought back. Cheers to all !!!!