Midst the forest – Jahri Ecostay


Jhari Resort is in midst of a jungle with all facilities available included in a package. The resort has a waterfall which is not allowed to other tourist and can enjoy ample time here. This falls has to be visited to enjoy it. It gives you a sense of what the world holds outside the rat race of materialistic world. Beautiful falls with ice cold water and where you can have a beautiful bath. Not much crowded and very accessible.

Photo of Jhari Eco Stay, Inam Dattathreya Peeta, Karnataka, India by Spoorthi Kedambadi

Once you reach you ll have to park your vehicles at the gate, and the resort vehicle will get you down to the place. This ride down hill is the first highlight of the stay. The 4X4 ride was exactly what we needed to wake us up early in the morning. Hats off to the driver's precision and skills. This bumpy ride gives way to one of the finest waterfalls.

Photo of Midst the forest – Jahri Ecostay by Spoorthi Kedambadi

We checked in, the cozy rooms overlooking the coffee plantation gives a homely feeling. Rooms are made of wood so it was warm inside. It says welcome right away. A very comfortable stay in the midst of nature and the close proximity of waterfalls added to the beauty. Makes this place a must visit.

Photo of Midst the forest – Jahri Ecostay by Spoorthi Kedambadi

The resort has good amenities to keep you engaged always. After freshening up and a sumptuous breakfast, we went for a very small trek of 1.5kms, an adventurous one, and though the trails was small it was very rocky and steep. It went uphill and downhill. We were guided by a person from the resort and also for safety there was a rope which would you could hang on to for the entire trail. The best part was on there were two other falls on that trail. One which was at a distance and the other which we totally explored. The other thing which got me excited was the zip line, something which I had not done before. To be frank it was very short one but the exciting part was it went right on top of the falls. It was an excitement which couldn’t be contained.

Photo of Midst the forest – Jahri Ecostay by Spoorthi Kedambadi

The resort also has many indoor games and a spa.

The water of the falls is very chilly. We spent around an hours in the falls, played our hearts out liked a bunch of school kids. Must say the resort has hot water 24/7 which is very essential.

The service we received met our expectations. The staff were friendly and they were helpful on request. The food provided was filling, included a good variety and was tasty. We were served 3 meals and Coffee/Tea twice a day. Night along with dinner the camp fire at the foot of a waterfall was an unmatched experience. When severed with a smile who couldn’t be satisfied.

Photo of Midst the forest – Jahri Ecostay by Spoorthi Kedambadi

The dog Lily who stays at the resort leaves no opportunity to make you feel welcomed and loved. Adds to the charm. It welcomes all the guests with a lot of energy and also accompanied us during the trek.

We were living in the clouds that day. No network at all expect BSNL. Absolutely at peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it definitely lives up to its name “Eco Stay”. I would give this place a perfect 5 star rating based on my experience.

Tips to travellers:

It takes around 6 hrs to reach resort from Bangalore Need to have advance booking of the resort with full payment. There is a check-point 8km before the resort. No alcohol is allowed. Police checking is very strict. So plan accordingly.

Kemmangundi and Mullayyanagiri peak to their itinerary as it is at a close proximity to Jhari resort.

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