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So it started with a weeks of meticulous planning and cancellation of the plan. My uncle planned to go on a trip and asked me to make plans and after all that effort he cancels the plan saying that the trip is going over the budget!! This made me angry as a lot of effort had gone into this and I made up my mind to go on this trip on my own!So on a bright Saturday morning me and my mom (my partner in crime) left for Chickmagaluru from Goa. There are two routes to go to the land of coffee1)Via NH 48 > Shimoga > NH 692) Via NH 66 > Marvanthe > Agumbe > SringeriIf you are travelling from Goa and want a shorter route then opt for the first route. But if you are more of a nature lover and thrill seeker than you should take the second route as you will be blessed will unlimited nature to bask upon, wildlife sightings and looped roads to satisfy your thirst for adventure. The route is bit longer than the previous one, but worth every minute. It was noon till we reached Goliangadi, and our stomachs could no longer take it and forced our body to stop. We stopped at a quiet, rustic hotel (name of which I cannot recollect). The food here is served on a banana leaf; the menu is limited in both vegetarian and non vegetarian. They serve seafood too. We ordered for seafood thali and chicken chilly with parantha and we were not disappointed. The food was delicious (and for the first time I had chicken chilly made in coconut oil). After our delicious meal we left for our destination. As we neared Agumbe, I could feel the adrenaline rush pumping through my body with the thought of crossing the 16 hairpin bends on the ghat. The drive was adventurous and dangerous at the same time, I still remember my mom sitting with her eyes closed and it’s a STRICT NO TO THE NEW DRIVERS. One simple hack is that always allow the climbing vehicles to pass first. On the way you can gape at the beautiful sights from the sunset point. After crossing the Ghat you are blessed with thick forest of Agumbe also known as Cherapunjee of the South.Next stop was the famous Sringeri math!! There are two temples one is the old one and the new one both dedicated to Godess Shardamba! The old one is closed but has still not lost its splendour!! The intricate carvings on the stone murmur an age old tale echoing through the place.

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