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Mayuri Banaji
Sunday morning started off with a drizzle as we started our journey towards Mullayanagiri peak through Chikmagalore. The tone for the day was set by the road, as it lead us to the eternal joy of riding through the lush green meadows of Karnataka. However, our joy had to be halted for a while; want to know why?
Vimal Geethanandan
Oh! Did I mention about the kind of sceneries I could be able to see from the place I camped! I was mesmerised. Chikkamagaluru surroundings are truly beautiful. You should check it out. 
Nandiswari Narender
Chikmagalur: Roads not takenWell, what next? we reached Chikmagalur in the evening, booked a hotel and took rest. There are many things which can be done here. You can visit water falls like Hebbe Falls, Jhari Falls, Kalhatti Falls, Kadambi Falls etc..., go trekking to peaks like Mullayanagiri and Bababudan Giri, Take blessings from Sharadamba temple and other temples, do camping, but every place is in a different direction( most of them), so choose wisely what to be done, if you have less time in hand. Also you have variety of home stays to choose from, if you just want to be lazy and relax amidst nature at its best.Safari was the only thing in our list as we had only one day in hand. And we couldn't even do that, I had a conversation with forest rangers at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary to see if they can take us in to the wild, which they told might happen only if we wait for 4 to 5 hours over there doing nothing at the entrance, nor we can see other places instead of waiting as they are very faraway. Here you cannot go safari on your own in to Bhadra, only Forest Rangers take you.Food: On the way to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary we saw a small shop serving breakfast, (We hardly found any places to eat after a certain point from City) and stopped there. We had Neer Dosa with Coconut Chutney, which is famous over here, and it was tasty.So, we thought of driving to Mullayanagiri peak via Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, after confirming with the officers that we have a not-so-bad road going towards the peak. Here comes the twist. Thanks to Google maps( A friendly suggestion: not to trust google maps all the time, there are many places which are still out of its reach), it showed us a road which is normally not being used to reach the peak, The road was damaged, most of the route only consisting of rocks and mud and a careful and experienced drive is must. But yeah, it was thrilling for us, we didn't knew whether we'll reach the peak or get stuck in between, no phone signals, no connection with the world, we hardly know what to do if something goes wrong. There were few turns which were so narrow, we literally felt, may be it is the end of the road in the middle of the hill, also it was very difficult on that road if we want to reverse the car back. Luckily we made it up till the peak , the road was joining the route to Mullayanagiri before a half an hour drive to the destination.
Rachita Saxena