Moving to Mountains | Episode 4 | Work from Himalayas | Alt Life Hostels Himachal


Very often I meet people who want to live in the mountains, travel more but don't want to leave their jobs. So I set out on a mission to find this Shangri La for the corporate professionals.

And my hunt brought me to @altlifehostels - A hostel in the Hippie village of Dharamkot. Altlife is basically a co-working space equipped with private rooms, dorms, WiFI, A Cafe and most importantly a like minded company of professionals who wish to take their desk to the mountains.

At Altlife I met quite a few people for whom the disenchantment with the city was the motivation to look for alternatives. I agree that this might not be the perfect setup for everyone. But if you are looking for an escape from a desk overlooking another building to a co-working table with a colossal view of mountains, then these co-working spaces like AltLife cane be your alternate to Work from Home, OR as I put it #workfrommountains  :)