My trip To Moscow. Tips with Airbnb

20th Jul 2014
Photo of My trip To Moscow. Tips with Airbnb by Emilija

Moscow is such a beautiful city, and so many things can be seen in one place.

My experience with traveling to Moscow is unforgettable. Since then, I've been in the heart. I began to learn Russian, just because I fell in love with the city, in the people of Moscow and their culture.

My visit to Moscow was about 4 years ago, and believe me it feels like yesterday. My memories are so fresh that even the smell of streets and subway stations is still in my mind.

Moscow can offer so many things that you can literally walk and see all day, and you will still be left with many places not visited.

I was in Moscow for three weeks, and I did not manage to visit and see.

The strongest impression left me the subway stations. Real art galleries, sculptures from which the breath stops, mosaics, paintings, all done in an authentic Russian style.

One day of the visit was quite rainy and cold, so I decided to spend all day in the subway, visiting stations, reading galleries.

Photo of My trip To Moscow. Tips with Airbnb 1/1 by Emilija
Day 1

I have listened to a lot about the Moscow Metro, I have watched a lot of documentary shows about the same, but everything is different when it is experienced and will be seen with my own eyes. You just do not believe that you are 84 m underground. Yes, the Escape Station at the Park Victory Metro Station is the longest in Europe, with 126 meters in length and 740 steps. Incredible experience.

Next to the list of impressions are the churches. On the roofs of many of the churches, there is real gold. I was impressed with the color of the facades of the churches. Built with so much care and love, and the final result is a real piece of art. Such charm and characteristic can be seen only in Russian countries.

Day 2

The Red Square must not be omitted. Or as the Russians name it “Красный площадь.”

Photo of Red Square, Moscow, Russia by Emilija

The square is beautiful, but the buildings around the square are what makes them unique and magical.

Day 5

I visited almost all the parks, all the squares, nearly all the galleries, the Kremlin, the Lomonosov University, and when I returned home, I realized that I only saw part of the beauty offered by Moscow.

Moscow can be a pretty expensive city for visiting and exploring, but if you plan your trip well there, but there are beautiful places that are vibrant and worth visiting.

I spent three weeks in town spending little money regarding having previously read about consumption there.

At first, I was booked an apartment through Airbnb, with that I saved a lot of money, and I was right in the center of the city. The apartment was only 5 stations from Red Square or walking just 20 minutes away.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reception of the host and in general from the low price in the very center of the city.

No other On-Line Travel Agency had such low prices for the time I traveled, except Airbnb. And another super thing from Airbnb if you reserve for the first time through them, you’ll get Airbnb coupon with a discount.

My recommendation for you when you travel to Moscow: Always choose a stay close to the center, so you do not waste time traveling.

Use their national currency - Rubbles, don’t use Dollars because the exchange rate is meager, or take Euros they have a better exchange rate.

I sincerely recommend visiting Moscow. I will indeed repeat it soon.