Northern Spain

6th Sep 2018
Photo of Gaztelugatxe, Gaztelugatxeko Doniene, Spain by Anastasia Beletskaya

To all of the fans of Game of Thrones, if you havent been to the place where Dayeneris and John Snow met - you have an opportunity to see this beauty yourself! Breathtaking view on the narrow road, hill and the ocean. Gaztelugatze is the place where you can spend time one-on-one with your thoughts.

We took the bus from Moyua Square in Bilbao to Bakio (45 minutes and 2,50€ bus ticket), after all we had 1 km walk to San Juan Gaztelugatze. Be sure you have some water with you, you have to walk for almost 3 km in total and it's not easy as it sounds. The entrance is free of charge, but you will be given a ticket anyways, just because of the statistics.

After climbing up and down you'll be rewarded with the amazing view which will stay in your memory for a long time.

This trip will take 2-2,5 hours, including stops to have a rest, take a photo etc. When you'll be back to the starting point you can grab a beer or lemonade at one of the restaurants there. Feeling hungry? Order some fish in Gaztelugatxe or walk back to Bakio. If you feel like travelling somewhere else you can take a bus from Gaztelugatxe to Bermeo - it's a nice fishermen village where you can have some fresh fish. Unfortunatelly we didn't made it to that village, after the lunch we came back to Bilbao.

Trip advice: if you decided to visit this place in any season but summer. When you'll just arrive to Bakio you will see a lot of taxis waiting right next to the bus stop. Taxi driver will take you and other people who will fit in his car to Gaztelugatxe for just 1,30€. If you will take this taxi some other time, it will cost you 10€! Same system if you want to go from Gaztelugatxe to Bermeo - you need to wait when the taxi from Bakio will arrive and if there will be some room for you 1,30€ and you're travelling with comfort.

In summertime you just need to wait for another bus which will cost the same price as bus-taxi - 1,30€.

Enjoy your trip to wonderful Gaztelugatxe!