One Selfie Rule!


One selfie at each attraction,

then one selfie for each city,

now one selfie for each trip. Why?

Photo of One Selfie Rule! 1/2 by Chirag Malik

We don’t need to be told by American Psychiatric Association that taking more than three selfies a day makes you a mental.

Mental disorder or not, but one thing is evident that we are obsessed with our face. 10 selfies, 50 filters, 100 reasons, we love to click ourselves, only the background changes every time.

I personally do not have problem with people taking selfies but when we do, we only see ourselves in it. Be it solo or a group selfie, if my face is not good enough, the picture is not good and the background remains irrelevant even if it has a lush green landscape or a gigantic mountain or a serene beach. So, why bother putting our face in all the beautiful landscapes that we encounter while traveling as the background won’t matter if the face is not captured perfectly.

On my initial trips, I simply deleted so many pictures that had amazing backgrounds just because I wasn’t looking perfect in it. None of them were good enough to be a perfect display picture. And most of the time, we don’t even look good while traveling. Sometimes, I am stoned or hung-over, or did not sleep well or just too tired. So, what is the mistake the snow-capped mountains who just got deleted from my mobile just because my eyes were shut while clicking or my hair wasn’t comb perfectly or my face looked too tanned.

You know this is why we have so many filters and editing option- to enhance the picture a little, to make it just right to be put on a social media. But while enhancing it I completely forget of the place I have been, people that I have met, experience that I had while traveling to a particular place - It doesn’t tell the story. Yes, a selfie doesn’t tell anything.

Pictures are clicked to remember the experience, to be nostalgic while seeing them, to relive the moments again. But a selfie won’t tell you that. Even if it is a group selfie, after seeing 10 of them, the memories with the place seem to fade away. The more I explore the idea of clicking selfie on a trip, the more I find it useless.

Photo of One Selfie Rule! 2/2 by Chirag Malik

I find the rule of click just one selfie, and not to be bothered about making it perfect, both useful and peaceful during the trips. And it makes me appreciate my decision even more when I see people simply sticking their mobile right in front of their faces everywhere and then spend a lot of time checking whether they have got the perfect selfie or not.

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