Overlooked and underrated Tomb of Indian history!

6th Jan 2019

Overlooked and underrated Tomb of Indian history!

Photo of Overlooked and underrated Tomb of Indian history! by Amber Jain

Salabat Khan Tomb II, Ahmednagar

Day 1

This tomb is familiar to me because from 2008 to 2013, I often visited here in my college days, since in Ahmednagar there are limited tourist places nearby.

The mausoleum of Salabat Khan - II was built by himself during his lifetime to provide a burial place for him and his wife.

A great statesman respected and loved by the people of Ahmednagar and he was appointed minister in 1579 during reign of Murtaza-I.

This tomb dated to later half of the 16th century is locally popular as "Chand Bibi Ka Mahal". It is located on a small hill and commanding a view of the surrounding countryside.

It is built on a lofty octagonal terrace of stone about 91.44 m. in width and 3.66 m. in height. The tomb consists of an octagonal 3.66 m. wide hall surrounded by a three storied 6.1 m. broad verandah. The sides of verandah are faced with alternate open and closed arches, the latter being provided with a number of smaller arched opening placed symmetrically. The whole building rises to a height of about 21.4 m. It is believed that the structure was planned to be seven-storey but only three were built.

Mostly, this area is visited on holidays for trekking purpose as small road of 2.5 km approx. is diverted from NH-61, which consists of small ghat area towards tomb.

I am surprised that it is still not listed among the top heritage sites in the country.