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Pressing less like sand dunes

25th Jul 2014
Photo of Pressing less like sand dunes by monika barnwal

Jaiselmer- a wonder of gold city

Though travelling around cities of india is quite clumsy , crowdy and noisy. Yet some cities and their administrations make them much valuable with glories of their past.

I travelled jaiselmer in last month of july and reaching there from udaipur by a overnight bus, it was very sunny and I was picked up by my hotels car.

The hotel I reached was a awestruck from inside where one could see the rooms very spacious, with a decoration of some kind of royalty related and within a complete package of whole tour Of 1 night and two days.

After having pure rajasthani breakfast , I got ready and soon I with my partner were covering long journey of approx 77 kms towards sand dunes.

With a combo of rap and rajasthani folk songs played by me and my partner turn by turn as he is himself from jodhpur, and complete golden sands with no traces of any life but some stops, the journey was a mix feeling of wanderings yet suspicious about what to come.

Reaching sand dunes and another  2 km camel ride, I started mesmerising myself by watching how these sands can take shape and texture turn by turn.

We were playing by jumping and lying in sand, travelling as far we can to the depth of the desert, until the sunset which was a panormic view one couldn’t miss.Then we were taken by hotel staffs to a village looking area where we were greeted with a welcome in traditional style, make seated around a large stage and soon the local artists started performing songs with their instrumments and dance.

It was like being treated as a royal guest and the feeling was WOW.

I danced with the local group members and danced in their moves joining and making a bond of togetherness between different cultures.

We were then served meals and it was pure rajasthani meal with dal bhaati and many more. Then, With more dancings, chatting with them and enjoying what could else a culture so different from mine have to offer , I took them as very honoury.

That night I slept in the middle of close desert in a spacious and comfortable tent and dreamt of the one who has freedom to learn the very existence of myself and my identity as human.

I love staying that place in jaiselmer because it gave me a feeling of rajasthani lifestyle as per their room and maintenance plus hospitality
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