Road Trip is Life

17th Aug 2022
Day 1

Road trips are always fun. The prime reason for this is because you get a chance of adventures there no planning involved at all. Just you get in your car or on your bike and start exploring any random place that comes to your mind. When exhausted you look for a place to stay and rest there at night. On recharging your body after a good night's sleep you hit the road once again and the same thing repeats. Everyone should go on a road trip at least once in your lifetime.
It not only allows you to rejuvenate yourself but also lets you discover new things about yourself. It acts like a journey of self discovery. Often you tread on an unknown path, face obstacle, find a way out without compromising on the destination that you have set in your mind.
On the way, you get an opportunity to meet various people who are totally strangers to you. Out of nowhere, such a stranger comes and helps you when in trouble, or might become your friend, maybe share a meal with you and tell you stories about the place you are visiting, which can make your journey more exciting. He may act as a perfect catalyst to shake things up when you are feeling down or bored.
That said Road trips are not without their fair share of troubles; like your vehicle breaking down, or you losing your way, not being able to find a proper place to rest etc. But instead of agonising over these things, try to take them in your stride as such occurrences help you discover your inner potential and make you a better person.
If you compare yourself before starting the trip and after ending the trip, you will find that you are a much different person than you were before and you have got your zeal back.
The road teaches us a lot of things on the way while at the same time taking us to our destination.
Isn't life that we are living a kind of a road trip??