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Photo of Routine, is it good for you? #life #blog by findingroutes
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If you follow the classic pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow- you are not understanding yourself.

~Bruce Lee

Wake up, lunch, college, dinner, sleep, wake up, lunch, college, dinner, sleep, and on and on and on and on and on. Is this the definition of Routine? Maybe not, or maybe for some people. They say Routine is best for our life. They say Routine helps to maintain discipline. They say life is simpler by maintaining a Routine. But is that what you want your life to be? Simple? Maybe they are not wrong about Routine being responsible for good life. Maybe it's an easy way around to all your problems. No doubt the 30 mins jogging everyday will improve your overall health. No doubt that prioritising your work will give you success. No doubt a proper diet and sleep at a proper time is good. BUT IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? EVERYDAY?

It was around a year ago, I came back from my college to my room. It was a hard day. All day lectures and practical. And the not-so-good food of my mess, in lunch and in dinner. I watched some episodes of some series I don't remember. And I knew the time-table of the next day in college. And again I wake up to the same start of my day with a same thought of thinking how today's day is going to be. It was obviously the same day as before, all lectures and practical.

It was that point I realised that I am living a routine here. Doing same things day-in and day-out. Looking at the same people, talking with same people, crossing the same road, tracing the same path to the same destination from a same source in a same uniform each and every day (p.s. I wash my cloths). I was tired of doing the same things every day and possibly not experiencing something new out of it. And maybe it wasn't profitable for my future. But it was a guess of a tired brain and tired cells of my body that can now do another task simultaneously because the daily tasks became my habit and it was stuck in my subconscious mind.

See that's the thing here. Creating a habit is good, healthy and a way to decrease your hardwork and save some time. But there's again two sides for it. There is one scenario where you do the same things every day and it becomes your habit, but the things you do are not the things you love. Maybe you do them under pressure or maybe you do them because you don't have any other choice, or maybe you do them for your loved ones, I am no one to judge here. But in this scenario, at least once, a thought may have popped up into your mind that maybe you should pursue that what you love and that what makes you happy and by doing what you get self-satisfaction. It varies from person to person, their hobbies, their dreams and their goals. But if you have all the resources or even you barely cross the minimum requirement and still you are sticking with your same old routine which you were doing for maybe like a year or more , then you are nothing but a duck that started its life by swimming in a pond and kept swimming and also like many of the ducks who didn't even tried to open their wings to the fullest and fly to discover what's beyond that pond, to know your abilities and to know where your limits lies. But limits are just a made-up thoughts one creates out of laziness and procrastination.

And then there's this other scenario where laziness and procrastination doesn't exist. Because what you are doing and what you are unknowingly creating as your habits, are already the limits of your work. But here you have a fire inside your heart which the person in scenario 1 doesn't have. A fire of crossing the limits and not stopping maybe till the point of ultimate satisfaction, because that's what life is. It's all about completing your dreams and satisfying yourself in every way possible. We want comfort to ease our work and have a satisfying end of night. And that's just one example but even unknowingly we are satisfying our needs. And in this scenario you are working and crossing your limits to achieve that what you pursue and cross your own limits till your need of satisfaction is fulfilled. So the habits developed in this scenario are helping you achieve your goals, whereas, in previous scenario the habits are the need you are required to fulfil to live and love.

Not every routine is interesting and satisfying. Some people may have stuck in a routine where they are not able to feel happiness and laugh with their friends and family. He may have a load of work to do and his boss may be blaming him for all the wrongs happened in the report. A routine maybe where he have no time to talk to his crush and may get scolded by his boss in front of her. And after this long day, when he come to his 1BHK apartment, sitting alone in front of the TV he may feel like a total loser and may get an anxiety attack due to all the loneliness and bad day. On the other hand maybe some are having a routine where they are going to work that they like or doing a business or a career of their choice and hobby, and then spending whole day with all the positive vibes and passion for their job. He likes doing what he does and so he is self-motivated by doing that thing. He eventually becomes good at his work and then he will try to learn new things and implement that, and thus his life will become successful and he will be proud of himself after all the hardwork he did to achieve that what he love. And everyone knows that there are only few people who step up and turn their passion into career, and that will make them happier.

But some people, like myself, are stuck in the stage in between those two scenarios. At the time I am writing this, I am a student of engineering in final year, having some dreams and chase them no matter what. But I did engineering and invested my family's money on education, so I cannot just abandon it and pursue my dreams. But while I am doing all this, I am not sitting idle and taking things for granted. I am practicing and learning everything required for my passion and making them my habits so that I become fluent in whatever I am doing and then learn new things and cross my limits.

My dream was hidden inside my subconscious mind and I realized it after a college trip and when I was anxious and tired about my routine. I thought that the same college routine is going on in my life for 3 years now, and after final year when I might get a job, a new routine will be created and there is a high possibility that I will again be tired of that routine. Because now I know what I want to do, but thats just maybe tentative. Maybe I will loose interest in what I want to do or become. Maybe in few years I might want to do something else or want to become something else. Maybe everything I am doing right now or everything I did will just get dump into some corner in my subconscious mind, but this is what I have to gamble with. What I just require is that I must keep practicing and learning to reach my goal. To create a new routine that will help me to reach there and develop some habits out of it.

Life, as I heard and read, is unexpected and uncertain. It even make us take some stupid decisions which we regret then, but what I think that whatever happens, happens for a reason and end will be good, and if its not good, its not the end.

And as you can see, routine is not bad or good, it's upto you how you want to direct it and gain what you want. If you are not happy about your routine, create a new one and start focusing on it and create a masterplan to make that your career. And if you are happy with your routine, then make it your habit and learn new things to apply them in your passion. Know your limits and try to cross them and always remember,

Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period. 

~Will Smith: Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness

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