Safdurjung Tomb Delhi

Photo of Safdurjung Tomb Delhi by Devender Meena

So I have captured This one single Frame In 2021 And I Took My time waited for the right moment for Whole year and captured it

And Now With The immense Support this image is went viral and I'm still after almost I believe 2-3 months of posting It ....... I'm enjoying it the most !!

So I believe We all should Work For that perfect frame rather then posting 100's of image in a year

Also I could have captured some more images from different locations but since I enjoy taking images i don't wanna ruin that pleasure of taking an image and experience every single moment while capturing the image....

so hurrying and going to a place just for 2-3 days and if I don't get the light I'm looking for in that particular location then I guess waha jaana and fir wapas aana isn't going to worth for sure to me

So instead of this what i would love to do is plan a location according to weather forecast and at least plan a trip of almost 10-14 days and wait for the right moment and capture it

Must read: safdarjung tomb

Also I definitely don't want 100 images from a place instead i would love to work for that one perfect frame instead ❤️

And In The End

Happy New Year To Everyone Of You ❤️