Serbia Diaries Final Part: Not Touristy But Unquestionably A Traveller’s Dream

Photo of Serbia Diaries Final Part: Not Touristy But Unquestionably A Traveller’s Dream 1/1 by Nancy Johri
Tara National Park

It was my fifth day in Serbia and the third day on the road. The last two days were the most unforgettable ones due to many reasons. My travel partner and I drove across Tara National Park, Zlatibor, Potpeće, and some cute villages. Also, I said ‘Hi’ to Bosnia and Herzegovina while standing at the Serbian land, visited the shortest European river, enjoyed the view of the snow-clad roads, spotted a red deer and a fox on the way, saw gorgeous sunsets, sipped aromatic wines, and a lot more.

Serbia is not as touristy as its other neighbors but is undeniably a globetrotter’s dream. The country is popular for its rich history, outdoor adventures and fabulous natural treasures. Here’s what I saw in the Balkan beauty during the last two days.

Day 3

Tara National Park

Photo of Serbia Diaries Final Part: Not Touristy But Unquestionably A Traveller’s Dream by Nancy Johri

The third day of our road trip involved leaving from Banja Koviljača, driving across Drina River (border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), spending time at Vrelo River (one of the shortest rivers in the world), witnessing snow while driving across the Tara National Park, cherishing the beauty of Perućac and Zaovine Lake, and finally reaching Zlatibor. Moreover, we also spotted a red deer and a fox on the road while driving at night.

346 kilometers long River Drina forms a large portion of the border between the two countries- Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It means that the other side of the river is Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you can look at it from Serbia.

The best part of a road trip is that you can stop anywhere and anytime to soak yourself in beauty. We didn’t miss a single chance to take quick breaks every now and then because the whole route was so lovely.

The blue-green water, the sound of ripples, the sky, the sunshine, the clouds, the trees, the mountains, the breeze- all these natural marvels gave a magical feeling to my heart. It was so peaceful.

Some places feel like love to me, and this river is exactly that. 365 meters long river Vrelo is the shortest European river. It is also called the “Year River”. It is a transparent stream that runs into the Drina with a 10-meter high waterfall.

Huge mountains in the backdrop, lush green trees everywhere and calming sound of the flowing water make this place a must visit in the Balkan country.

An interesting fact is that the tourist organization of Serbia selected the Drina with the River Vrelo as the first natural attraction of the country in a contest of seven natural wonders.

Tara National Park, or the lungs of Serbia, has mighty mountains, clear lakes and stunning viewpoints. This natural paradise was the highlight of our road trip.

Along with snow, I was amazed by the spectacular natural beauty and myriad of sights that I witnessed. There is a lot to see there- mountains, hiking trails, lakes, meadows, forests and waterfalls. We also saw a few villages with traditional houses.

You will come across so many spots on your way that you would want to admire. And that is why, renting a car and driving around is the best way to experience this natural paradise. But every signboard there is in Cyrillic. So, you need to take the help of Google Maps. Just mark the places that you want to visit and follow the directions. Otherwise, it is quite sure that you will get lost in the wild.

Photo of Perućac lake by Nancy Johri

This lake is the result of a dam that is built on the Drina River. The river bends and voila! You are looking at the Perućac Lake. There is a viewpoint from where you can see the Lake on one side and the Drina curving like a snake on the other.

Photo of Zaovine Lake, Zaovine, Serbia by Nancy Johri

This lovely lake is on the border of Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. We were alone when we went there. The view was simply awesome- clear lake under the blue sky. I just couldn’t get enough of it. It was such a tranquil spectacle of nature that is indescribable. You yourself have to go there and see that in reality.

Day 4
Photo of Serbia Diaries Final Part: Not Touristy But Unquestionably A Traveller’s Dream by Nancy Johri

This was the last day of our road trip and we had to return to Belgrade from Zlatibor. But we still managed to see a natural cave and a monastery on our way back. The weather was very pleasant that day because it was raining lightly.

Photo of Potpećka pećina, Potpeće, Serbia by Nancy Johri

This erosional cave located in the village of Potpeće is a must-see for nature lovers. The exterior and interior of the cave are mesmerising. The most amazing part is that there is a lake inside it. It is not very difficult to find your way inside as it is marked properly. The part open for visitors is only 555 meters but there is a lot to see.

This was how I spent a week in Serbia. One of my favorite things about travelling in the Balkan country was that even the full apartments were quite affordable. You also have the flexibility of preparing your own meal rather than eating outside every time. Staying in a hostel or a regular room is costlier there.

This trip has given me the best travel experiences so far. I was very upset on the last day because I fell in love and I didn’t want to leave from there.

I packed up everything except those memories that only I can see and can’t forget ever.

Bye Bye Serbia!!