St. Petersburg - Beyond The Cathedrals & Gardens

6th Aug 2019

This blog is in continuation with my previous blog where I showed you the most beautiful city of Russia through my glittering eyes. If you haven't read it yet, go and read that before start reading this blog. As we all know, St. Petersburg is known for its cathedrals, Hermitage & the gardens but this is not all this place can offer. There are many activities which can be done while being here & I will share my story with you about the two which I experienced.

Day 1

Enjoying the Ballet

The ballet show in Russia is a lifetime experience even if you are not fond of such shows. There are many but two most famous theatres in St. Petersburg - Mariinsky & Mikhailovsky. I got the opportunity to attend the ballet show "Swan Lake" at Mikhailovsky Theatre. It was my first ballet experience and I must say, it was worth attending. The ambience of the theatre is really beautiful and peaceful. You have to be silent once inside the theatre with your cell phones switched off.

Photo of Mikhailovsky Theatre, Ploshchad' Iskusstv, Saint Petersburg, Russia by Sudarshan Gupta

The show is divided into four parts with a duration of 3 hours. In every part, a different phase of the story is described through body movements and not words. Each part is in continuation with the previous part so its necessary to watch the show from beginning till the end.

There is no specific dress code for the ballet but you should be formal to show the respect for the show. Be punctual on time, otherwise you can be asked to wait till the intermission to take your seat. There are different stories portrayed in ballet shows and you can choose any. Mine was "Swan Lake" and it was an amazing story with a combination of romance, fantasy & tragedy. The power of true love is depicted very well.

Attending the ballet is always a mesmerizing experience whether you are attending it for the first time or more. After the event, you can have opportunity to meet the dancers, take their autographs & have photos with them if you are nice enough :)

Day 2

Cruising along the Neva River

As mentioned in the previous blog, St. Petersburg is among the 7 cities which are known as "Venice of the North" because they have a network of canals. The experience of cruising along the river is unforgettable because of the wonderful views of the St. Petersburg you get from the water. All of the major attractions of the city can be easily seen from the boat. Among them are the Peter & Paul Fortress, the Winter Palace, the Bronze Horseman, the Summer Garden and many more. But the main attraction is river Neva ofcourse creating its unique atmosphere in the Venice of the North.

Photo of Neva River, Saint Petersburg, Russia by Sudarshan Gupta
Photo of Neva River, Saint Petersburg, Russia by Sudarshan Gupta
Photo of Neva River, Saint Petersburg, Russia by Sudarshan Gupta

You will sail along endless quays with harmonious buildings, be surprised by the reflections on the water, appreciate the architecture of the numerous bridges of the city and learn about the stories of the houses along the Neva River.

The total length of the channels within the city is about 300 kilometers! St Petersburg was built out of swampland, and it requested to build many canals and ponds to ensure the drainage. The removed soils were used to raise the surface of the city. In the late nineteenth century, the delta of the Neva River consisted of 48 rivers and canals, forming 101 islands. Over the time, as the city grew, many bodies of water were filled in, giving birth to the actual St Petersburg.

Photo of St. Petersburg - Beyond The Cathedrals & Gardens by Sudarshan Gupta

I really enjoyed my time here on the cruise, singing and dancing on the songs. You can also have various beverages on board like tea, coffee, beer, juice.

Photo of St. Petersburg - Beyond The Cathedrals & Gardens by Sudarshan Gupta

I would absolutely recommend this activity to the couples going to St. Petersburg as it's a very romantic evening you can spend on the cruise with your loved one. These memories are worth to collect from here. 

With this blog, I finish my stupendous journey of St. Petersburg and proceed towards the capital of Russia, Moscow. I will share my stories from Moscow in my next blog, till then see you & take care. See you sometime on the road.