That's it.

Photo of That's it. by dhaval pawale

It's few days after I have come back from travelling to a new place and the post travel depression has kicked in.

Whenever I go travelling, I always wish the time would freeze but it does not and after a wonderful few days the holiday is over and life is back to mundane.

I always wish I could travel a bit longer and be much happier.

It is not that I am unhappy with the current mundane life, but I am not happy as well.

The same old waking up, getting ready for office - sometimes do things that I like, sometimes don't and the day ends just like that. It kills me when I think that if I don't make the right decisions right now, I might have to end up living like this for the rest of my life.

Sometimes when I think about these thoughts about travelling long term, not settling down, not getting married, not having kids and not getting stuck in a conventional job I do get harsh judgments from near and dear ones as if I am planning to do something wrong. Sometimes it is treated as a crime, sometimes I am being labelled as stubborn and sometimes ignorant who wants to run away from responsibilities.

Not sure why - but since when chasing a dream & being happy is being termed as escaping life.

Yes, I do want to escape the so called life, I do want to break the typical matrix created by society.

I come from a background where you have to do certain things at certain age to be termed as successful and in the process we end up living for the society instead of ourselves.

But since I have found a way out - I am going to try it.

Doesn't matter what others think - what matters is my dream to travel the world.

I have observed the society does like to travel but only for short vacations which are acceptable according to them and then get back living the mundane life.

Those of us who want to lead a free nomadic lifestyles, or who just take a little longer to reach somewhere are accused of being irresponsible, which I am not happy with and I want to make things clear - it is just that people like us are not content with the set rules of society.

I maybe wrong - but I think when I am fifty and look back on life - I will be happy that at least I tried.

I mean it is such a short life, we live for an average sixty years, out of which twenty five odd are spent figuring things out, then another five fitting into the matrix. It is only around thirty that we realize that heck something is wrong (at least in my case).

I do want to break this perception that people like us have miserable lives, or something traumatic has happened to us and that is why we don't want to settle down.

We also are not running away - we are just chasing something very few have tasted.

To all people like me - I tell you, have a look at the current matrix and see if it fits you, if it does - there is nothing wrong in that, but if the matrix does not fit you - even that is not wrong.

Yes, I am running away from the idea of the so called “real” world.

Yes I want to avoid the society matrix and create a new suitable matrix for myself.

And, instead, I am running towards everything — towards the world, towards new places, towards new people, towards new cultures, and towards my own idea of freedom.

I feel happy just with the thought that I have decided to experience the world by not escaping problems but taking them head on.

I feel happy that I have decided to run away from office life, the boring commutes, and weekend rest, and the office 9 hours.

I feel happy that I have decided to run away from the stupid path that society has laid out as normal.

But I shall make myself remember that there is nothing wrong with having a family or owning a house — most of my friends lead happy lives doing so.

Well, I would rather do what I am absolutely in love with.

I am not running away. I am running towards everything.

And I never plan to regret it.