How do you make yourself ready for a solo trip ?


*This article was written specially for the ones who WANT TO travel solo but not ready. This will not be relevant if you are not planning to travel solo.*

Get the mind right

I am sure you will agree with me that, when you are confident about doing something, you do it better. Do not be over confident though, this world is not full of rainbows and butterflies. There is a certain amount of risk associated with every step you take. Be it a career move, a new relationship or a new travel plan. Nevertheless, do you know what’s worse than the risk? Regret (with the capital ‘R’). Face it, we all are going to die someday. Don’t start looking for a purpose, there is not any. You create your purpose. If you are in the mid-20s, you will agree with me that you just realized that your adult life has just begun and there is no running away from the responsibilities. Please do not be the old man/woman who cribs to his grandchildren about how he/she lived all his/her early days doing ‘nothing’ because you were not ready. It’s now or never.

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What’s stopping you?


Start saving, experiences will matter more than any fancy thing ever will. When you travel solo, you create an experience that is close to your heart. Stop wasting money over fancy parties, branded clothes or things you buy for a social status. They are just temporary. The experience will make you richer, happier and fulfilled than any fancy thing you buy. Get your priorities right. (When I was in college, I wanted to have everything so fancy. Even now, being a girl who loves shopping it is hard to resist spending on fancy things. Most of what I earn is spent on travelling now, it is very hard to resist, but I try :D)

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It is good to have fear. A teeny tiny bit of fear is necessary. It helps you think in a sensible way. You will think twice before you step on that slippery rock for you fear that you will fall. However, do not let fear stop from doing what you want to do. And most of the time, we create our own fears by imagining things which do not exist. Understanding psychology will help a lot in overcoming fears. However,if something feels wrong, do not go for it. Trust your guts. Sometimes, things just do not work out the way we want. There is always a next time.

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Do your research right

Ignorance is not always bliss, especially when you want to travel solo. Thanks to the internet, we have enough information on it to know about the place. The more you know, the more you will want to know. Take your time, speak to people who have already been there. Do not blindly rely on what you read online or what you have heard from people. Experiences differ and so does the learning.

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Let it be

Every individual is different. What excites me might not excite you and it is same with fear and perception. However, If you have been planning for a solo travel and it is something which is just not happening for you. Quoting my favourite Beatles lyric ‘Let it be’. Take your time, stay focussed on what you want. Someday, you will book that bloody ticket and just go.

And remember this. You will go further and faster when you are alone!

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