The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra


The Breathtaking Velas Beach.

Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra by Sagar Kashyap

Velas is a brilliant off-beat destination which definitely is unexplored and one of the Jewels of Maharashtra. Just over a 6 hour drive from Mumbai (if you're driving/riding) or an 8-10 hour journey by State Transport Bus. (Direct buses from Mumbai Central Bus Depot.) Though I would definitely recommend going by your own Transport. The roads leading here were pretty rough and a Bus ride is definitely going to stir up your intestines! ;) We went Riding!!!

Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 1/9 by Sagar Kashyap
Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 2/9 by Sagar Kashyap

This is the place you need to head to if you're looking for an Off-beat, Disconnected (The Vodafone Pug doesn't and can't follow you here.), serene and close to nature destination which is SUPER EASY on the pocket.

Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 3/9 by Sagar Kashyap
Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 4/9 by Sagar Kashyap

Velas is a Small Hamlet in the Ratnagiri District known popularly for its Olive Ridley Turtle Festival. Turtles swim across oceans to lay their eggs on the beaches of Velas. One of the very few in India. During the Turtle Festival which happens between the months February - April, you can actually see these turtle hatch out of their eggs and walk into the ocean. Its a Beautiful Calming experience.

Apart from The Turtle Festival, this place has a beautiful CLEAN untouched beach where you can enjoy your day.

Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 5/9 by Sagar Kashyap
Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 6/9 by Sagar Kashyap
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Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 8/9 by Sagar Kashyap
Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra 9/9 by Sagar Kashyap
The Net setup in the background is where the Turtles Hatch.

The Ideal Itinerary:

Day 1

DAY 1:

Drive /Ride / Public Transport to VELAS: - Reach Velas before sunset as the roads are really bad. Enjoy your dinner and tuck in....

Day 2

DAY 2:

Wake up early morning and be at the Beach as you watch the sun rise from the East. Have a sumptuous breakfast and relax at your home stay. Enjoy local home made lip smacking lunch and probably even take a nap.

In the evening, head to the beach and enjoy the cool breeze, watch the Turtle Hatching (if you've visited during the season), play some ball or just enjoy the natural peace and tranquility. Return for a Bon-fire with some song and dance (if you're travelling with friends), enjoy an awesome dinner and call it a night.

Day 3

DAY 3:

Wake up in the morning and head to the beach again. Do some yoga or meditation on the beach. After your beach visit, return to your home stay, have breakfast, pack up and drive back to Mumbai.

Photo of Velas, Maharashtra, India by Sagar Kashyap

Accommodation options in the Hamlet are only HOME STAYS and they are Super Nice!! Almost all the Houses offer Home Stay facilities especially during the Turtle festival Months. You Could also go during the off season where you will find that this village has very less tourists.

The Home-stays come inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and costs about 800 rs. Per person. Though there are no Hotels or Room Service, the people you would stay with are super nice. The entire village has only about 100-120 houses, Just 1 grocery store (since the last time I went- Don't know if some more people have gone the entrepreneurial way), Limited/No Network Connectivity and LOTS OF SILENCE AND PEACE.

Sit by the beach with a book, watch the waves as they lap onto your feet and feel the un-polluted air whizz through your hair. This place is the true definition of a Weekend Break. Sit chatting up with your hosts about their life and definitely relish the mouth watering, lip-smacking, home cooked meals that your hosts would provide. Simple yet kick-ass food!

What you need to keep in mind:

1. Carry a mosquito repellent.

2. Carry some snacks if you want to OR are used to munching in between meals.


4. Make sure you tank up before reaching Velas. The nearest Petrol pump is about 8 kms away.

5. Carry toiletries and toilet paper.

6. Most Home Stays in Velas offer Vegetarian Options ONLY.

Last but not the least: HAVE A SUPER FUN, SUPER RELAXED BREAK.

Look for Home stays on Google, as the mobile network is negligible here so most people have landlines. OR you could get in touch with Mr. Santosh Joshi on +91-2350-220511. He Offers amazing Home-stay options with Vegetarian food. If you're travelling with friends, you could explain your itinerary and he will be able to accommodate your meals accordingly. The price I have mentioned above is per person per night including 3 meals.

Whether you want to go with friends or Just do a solo trip to get disconnected, this is the place to go to!! Dont miss it.

Photo of The Junket to Velas.... #BestofMaharashtra by Sagar Kashyap
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