The mighty Sela pass.

4th Feb 2017
Day 2

On our way to Sela Pass

Photo of Sela Pass by Shivang Shukla

Sela pass -snow topped

Photo of Sela Pass by Shivang Shukla

Starting from Guwahati, we first visited Tawang(taking a halt at Bombdilla) . Its beauty was breathtakingly beautiful, serene and a pure untouched by people. Guarded by mountains circumferentially, the only way to enter it is through a pass that cuts right through them. If you have been to Nathula pass(Sikkim) , Rothang pass ( himachal Pradesh) and believe to have seen enough , you have been delusional all these years. To cross this pass is something only brave hearts can accomplish. Acute angled turns, cars constantly skidding on the snow-blanket roads, and no shoulders on the turns whatsoever will get your adrenaline spiked for a stretch of 150 kms.

Keeping our hopes high, we managed to reach the pass.The lake was frozen and so were we. We sipped a cup of hot noodles which which was rewarding. A small talk with the locals and some drivers going back , helped us chalk out a rough itinerary for Tawang. Energised, we took some pictures and started our journey downwards to Tawang.