Travelling Solo As a Woman

27th Aug 2017
Photo of Travelling Solo As a Woman by A boho girl

Travelling solo is awesome. Tough, tiring, and exhausting, but absolutely brilliant. If you ever have the opportunity to go off and explore a part of the world by yourself, I’d definitely recommend it.

The biggest misconception about travelling alone as a female is that it’s not safe to do so. As with anything you might do alone, you just have to remember to be alert. Bad things can happen to us anywhere, anytime but we still leave our house in the morning so why should we hesitate to book a flight to the place we've always dreamt of?

Keep the following tips in mind and you’ll be ready to live out your own nomadic adventure in no time.

1) Trust your Instincts:

Always trust your gut feeling because there is a reason why we have it. If you go to a place and feel like you shouldn't be here, move out. If you talk to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable then stop the conversation. I am not saying that you should not talk to strangers its just that you should always trust your instincts.

2) Be kind:

I know its a ver basic tip but Its always good to behave nicely and friendly when you go to another city or another country. Being polite is not that tough. People will always talk to you in the same way you did. You'll always need the help of locals when you'll not be in your city so just be nice.

3) Be confident:

When you travel solo you can only rely on yourself, sometimes you have to mentally prepare yourself to be as strong as possible. So, be confident.

4) Be open to new things:

Travel is not something that goes according to the planning that you did. Most of the times its spontaneous, sometimes you'll end up doing things you've never imagined or planned so be open to new adventurous as life is nothing but a great adventure.

5) share your itinerary with someone:

Always let someone know where you are. If you don't want to tell everyone then share your with at least one person so that someone would know where you are if anything goes wrong.

I am traveling for quite a long time. In the beginning I was also afraid but as you step out of your comfort zone you get to know world is not as you were told it is. You get to know other people and the best part is that you get to know yourself. Solo travel is all about getting to know yourself than the places.

Be brave and have courage to step out of your comfort zone. Trust me, we all are stronger than we think we are. Happy traveling.