Trip to Mount Abu


I started my journey from New Delhi Railway Station, I had a train ticket booked in advance from New Delhi to Mount Abu railway station (Abu road railway station). It was a month of March, so, I reserved an AC coach, journey in train was pleasant and took around 10-11 hours to reach to Abu road railway station, Mount Abu is around 25Kms away from the railway station, so, I had three options to reach there, there were taxis available just outside the railway station which charge around INR250-300 to go to Mount Abu or there are shared taxis which charge around INR50-100 and can be found outside the railway station and third option was to take a local bus to Mount Abu which cost ~INR20.I chose the third option and walked half a kilometer by taking a right from outside the railway station exit to reach to the bus stand, I bought a ticket from the ticket counter and boarded the bus, bus condition was not very good but was comfortable enough to go to Mount Abu, it was a good experience to travel in a bus after a long time. Bus dropped me at Mount Abu bus stand, ~0.5-1Km distance from Nakki-lake, located in the middle of the Mount Abu, I searched for the hotel and met with an agent who tried to sell me worst of the rooms at amplified prices so, I decided to find one on my own and found one near the Nakki lake at ~IRN1000, there are decent hotels available around Nakki-lake for the same prices.I decided to roam around Nakki Lake in the evening and there is a market around Nakki-lake as there is one in the hill stations, dominos and some good restaurants are available here. I went to Nakki-lake, it was beautiful in the evening and people were boating, I walked a little further, found one Tibetan bazaar, very near to Nakki-lake, there was one Brahma Kumaris museum, it was free of cost so, i decided to take a look and found it worth my time, in the end, went to the sunset point which is located not far from Nakki-lake, weather was pleasant, so, I walked from Nakki-lake to the sunset point, I reached to sunset point just before the sunset, it was very crowded and actually people were coming back after the sunset and I happened to reach there just at the moment and found it even more beautiful and peaceful just after the sunset.Next day, I rented a scooty for INR250 from one dealer nearby my hotel, there are many people dealing in this and you will find it very easily, there is one government authorized dealer just before the petrol pump but I found the prices much more than the others, what I think is that Govt. authorized dealer have fixed prices and March being an off-season so, I found one at a cheaper price.It was good experience to roam around on scooty, I went to Brahma Kumaris center which is located ~15Kms from Nakki-lake at ~9:00 in the morning, it is a spiritual learning institute and entry is available free of cost to everyone, they tried to explain there thinking about spiritualism via pictures and artifacts, overall it was a must visit, Brahma kumaris have five centers in total in Mount Abu, one near Nakki-lake, three around ~10-15Kms from Nakki-lake at little distance from each other, directions are available on the roads and last in between Mount Abu and Abu Road railway station but that’s just used for other arrangements and definitely not for tourists.I went to other spots as well and it was all fun and did not even realize how almost the whole day was passed.I went back near to Nakki-lake and booked a bus ticket to Udaipur, located ~170Kms from Mount Abu.Bus leaves at multiple timings and I booked it for next day at around 3:00 PM, I checked out at around 12:00 from the hotel and went on exploring Mount Abu a little more and returned the scooty at around 2:00 and took back my license and went straight to bus stand which is located near the Petrol pump, the travel agent guided me.Bus condition was not very good and it was mostly occupied by tourists who were going from Mount Abu to Udaipur, the journey took ~4-5 hours including one halt for 10 minutes at one confectionary shop, I reached to Udaipur at around 8:00 PM in the evening.

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