Telangana's Iron castle - Khila Warangal (Warangal Fort)


Located in warangal, the fort is stone throw distance from Warangal railway nilayam. Lush green corn plantation in the midst of  ruins of big boulder rocks which were part of ages forgotten kakatiya glory . Warangal fort is the hallmark for cultural heritage and pride of  people. Rani Rudramadevi, daughter of ganapatideva was queen for kakatiya dynasty to spearhead this cultural heritage... the city enjoys now. A massive arch rested on 4 gigantic pillars called  kakatiya kalathoranam  welcomes you. With the finely carved sculptures this iconic arch is adopted in very prominent public places and institutions across the  city  to symbolize kakatiya heritage. Inside the fort, there are four of them, resembling doors (dwaram) as access to inner quarters. One can find carvings of women in different  bhangimas   carved all over the pillars. Kakatiya's deity lord Shiva lingam is all over the place. The biggest attraction being the thoranam , the lush green gardens gives a grandiose view of place.Fort has two high points which offer panoramic view of fort along with city. One is through  roof top of kush-mahal  and the other is from fort apex.while the view from kush mahal roof gives a clear view of boundaries and surrounding hills, the other point has a lake beside fort hill and gives a picturesque view along with serenity inviting air-borne beings to add to this beauty. Fort has long history of people inhabited   & set their homes inside. Muslims form majority community in here.Though historically significant, this place has lot to offer for nature lovers and photographers. Food in warangal is decent. One can taste biryani in kurshid hotel near pocham maidan and nawabi chai nearby. That leaves my experience worth sharing and memorable here

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