Why Do We Travel?


Travel. The word itself conjures up imagery of beaches and mountains. Of trains and airplanes. Of picturesque locales and exotic food. Something you'd want to eternalise in a picture and cherish the memories for the rest of your life. Or something straight out of Instagram?

Just search #travel on Instagram and you'll get everything I just said. From amateur clicks to professional shots. No matter if someone doesn't post on social media regularly, if they go on a trip, you're sure to see a few posts from then. But sharing on social media is not the only reason to travel.

Travel means relaxing. Travel means forgetting your daily hassle and immerse yourself in a new routine. Planned or unplanned. A brief interlude to unwind. Live a life you always dreamt of. In a luxurious hotel with days spent by the pool. Or in a youth hostel with evenings spent making new acquaintances. Or maybe just walking around a town. Exploring their public transport. Taking on the vibe of the place. What's important is to return back rejuvenated.

Travel to collect memories not likes. Travel to gain experiences not see sights. Travel so you can see the world. Hear different languages. Taste different cuisines. Feel different cultures. Lose yourself in a new place. Travel alone or with loved ones. Know your limits. Understand what you like. Release the hidden wanderer in you. Travel not just to explore the world, but also to get to know yourself.