Why taking a Solo trip at 21, is just the right thing to do!

25th Jul 2016
Photo of Why taking a Solo trip at 21, is just the right thing to do! by World of Wanderer

Forever 21? How true is that? Why is it you wish to be 21 forever?

Well, no matter how old you are or you will be, being 21 is just a different phase of your life. It is because at this age you are either about to graduate or take on a new phase in life and decide your future. It is that point in life when you are open to all the possibilities in life, and have nothing to lose. You are ready to explore, take risks, experiment, learn and discover yourself and the world around you. This age is like no other, and certainly the reason why we all wish for being 21 forever!

To tell you more about my adventures and perspective about Being 21, I would like to share with you my story and how I decided to take on my first solo trip at 21.

Post my final year exams, I celebrated by 21st birthday the way I had always wanted to. Friends, Drinks, Late night party, Dance, Music and not to forget endless selfies! It felt like my best birthday, which later made me believe it was bound to be the best as it made me take on my first solo trip! Even after having spent the day with everything I loved, something was missing. No it wasn’t a thing or a person. It was the wanderer in me that needed some attention. And as they say, once you are bitten by a travel bug, you seldom can escape it!

I took my first solo trip right after my 21st birthday to Delhi- Lohajung( Roopkund)- Rishikesh-Haridwar-Delhi for 40 days!

In case you are wondering what I did for 40 days at just 4 places, let me tell you that I took up an internship with an hiking organization India Hikes wherein I was given an opportunity to stay at Roopkund trek Slope, in Uttrakhand for a month!

Being 21, I now feel like everyone should take a solo trip at this age.

Here are the reasons as to Why you must take a solo trip at 21 :

• “25 pe naukri aur 26 pe chokri”

That has been the plan isn’t it?

Your dreams have always been surrounded by your so called career goals. It’s like your whole life has been planned for, either by yourself or by your parents. While you are preparing yourself for that Corporate Job which you have always dreamt about, you have forgotten to dream beyond your career goals. Come on dude, like really is that your dream? Is that really your purpose in life? If yes, it’s time to test the power of your dreams.

• At 21, you have nothing to lose

Being 21 is all about reckless living, drunk nights, midnight studies, Saturday night stories and a life defined by exams and results. While on the other side, within yourself you have dreams, some really wild dreams to explore the unknown, to take risks, to try something adventurous. Well, this is the perfect time to do so, as you have no job to lose or no family to look after. You are free to do what you’ve always wanted to!

• After spending years studying, it’s time for a real break all by yourself

You have given your best to everything so far. Be it family, friends, exams, presentations, campus interviews, or projects. By now you’ve mastered the art of mugging everything and anything! That’s great. But now dear, its time you need a real break from the monotony of a student life.Its time you get the hell out of your college into the real world of travel!

• When was the last time you went somewhere alone? Truly ALONE!

Friends are your soulmates. They are the reason why college life has been so much fun! Indeed! But dear, have you realized that in all these years you’ve never really been alone. Be it your lover or best friends, they were always with you. Does the thought of being alone scare you a little? I am sure it does. And so this is the time when you need to be really alone. Not for the sake of others, but for yourself. You got to love your own company as much as you love your friends.

• By 21, you have heard many people saying many things about their lives and about the world. It’s time for you to go and see it yourself

Yes you chose your career partly because you kinda liked it and partly because your parents wanted it. You have always done things as they were “supposed” to be done. Isn’t it?

“Beta, ye karo, beta wo karo”

“Beta duniya bahaut badi hai aur log bahaut swarthy hai”

You have heard many stories on how bad the world can be an why you need to study hard and get a job for a good life. But that never really convinced you. Now is the time to go in the real world, meet new people and see the world through your experience and then form your own perception towards it!

•  Time to get out of your comfort zone for once, and know yourself

Right from school to college, you were bound by a system. A system or environment that did test your capabilities, but it was always in your comfort level.Ask yourself this question:

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

You have surely excelled in some or the other field by now. Be it sports, arts, dance, music anything. You may be an expert in the field as well. But have you ever done anything new? Anything that’s not your calling? Like jumping off a cliff?

This is the time to go beyond your comfort and explore the new you!

Honestly, I could give you many more reasons to find the courage and go on your solo trip trip at 21. But I believe we all want this. You already know inside you there is a dream, which you have been ignoring for quiet a while.

Student life is not easy. I completely understand the complexities of being a student. But let me tell you buddies, life is too short to wait for the right time. Now is the time. Money sure is necessary, but you can work it out. There are so many opportunities that will let you travel for free. Like I found mine in a trekking organization as I love Mountains. You can find yours too!

I promise you, that if you live your 20's with everything you have always wanted to do. You can be FOREVER 21!

Feed your inner child. Feed that dream which has been left ignored. Feed your soul with things that will make you feel alive.

Don't be afraid, just go out there and do it. I am sure you wont regret!