Why one should need to go on a SOLO Trip for at least once.

Photo of Why one should need to go on a SOLO Trip for at least once. by Gaurav

As the famous saying, "he who goes alone can leave today but he who goes with others will have to wait till that other get ready."

Since a life in itself is a solo journey but we mostly forget it as the life progress. We live in such a society where we were taught to be become like someone, to do things that others do, to follow the path that others follow. And sometimes we don't even complain because whatever we were told to do in our life, it is for our own benefit. It is actually the best and the safest route to a successful life where doing is ours but the thoughts are implanted on us.

But what we forget is spending sometime with ourselves. We forget to listen to our own mind, we sometimes scare to walk over our own paths and with that we get easily worried with some upcoming challenges.

I am not saying i am too different from this, I am also the same like everyone else. But everyone need to explore himself. Because when you explore yourself, you get to know yourself better, you get to know your limits, you get to know how to tackle the challenges, you get to know your response for certain situations. You will be able to handle the complex situations whom which you get fear. And i think all that comes from just a single SOLO TRIP.

"Travelling with friends makes you fall in love with life but Travelling Solo makes you fall in love with yourself and life both. "

Yes, a single Solo Trip can change your way of living a life. We know many people cancel their trip at the last moment due to back-off from their friends. They thought what will they do there without friends, but we can use this opportunity for being a solo traveller instead. You can't kill your dreams especially when you have to do is just go out.

In a Solo trip, its only you and yourself, there you have to entertain yourself. You can do whatever you want to and nothing you don't want. Do if you want to just sit in the balcony of any hotel with a beer in hand, do if you want to sleep for a full day on the hills, do gaze at the Himalayas for a full day if you want. No one will be there to question you.

People will have problems when you tell them that you are going all alone, their reactions would be "Are you mad? Why there is a need of going alone? What will you do there with yourself? Aren't you scared? It is unsafe, you can't do that. What if something happens to you?" People will feel bad for you that you have nobody to travel with. I think they are the same people who are afraid of being alone, scared of being looked lonely to others like they don't have anybody. In short they are afraid of being a loser. Travelling Solo doesn't mean you will always be alone, you will find peoples, locals, kids to whom you can talk. You can get to know their way of living, their culture and even you can share yours. Definitely they will be amazed to know that you are traveling Alone and that feeling will tell you that you are doing something really different.

There are many means of transport you can opt. If you have a bike make it your partner, travel as far as you can like there is no destination. By giving lifts to people en-route you can get to know the place better, its history, tradition as the locals know their place better or may be you can have dinner/lunch at their home too. Also you might get to know of any hidden or unexplored place nearby.

If you don't have a bike then travel by a bus and get off to any unknown place, take lifts en-route on trucks, carts etc. It will be much more adventurous than any kind of journey apart of being cheap too.

I can tell if you travel solo once then definitely you wouldn't going to stop. And after you will do it once, you will travel whenever you want and will not wait till that other get ready because by then you'll be a Solo-Traveller.

"I Travel not to spend the life but to Gain it."