Why travel will always be on my to do list

Photo of Why travel will always be on my to do list 1/1 by Shweta Eidnani

Travel is what keeps me going. Even though I don't travel as often as I would like too, my heart is on a constant trip. Very often I find myself longing for those walks by the lakes, reminiscing about the starlit skies and crystal blue waters, of sandy barren mountains and tall pine trees. Of sunsets which warm you and night winds that chill. Travel keeps inspiring me and I can very easily say I have learnt more on the road than in classrooms.
I read a lot of travel stories which inspire me and make me yearn and wish to be in their place. There are so many people out there who just take off and go explore and live. I wish to do that someday. I used to feel that if I travelled enough I would eventually get tired but quite the contrary has happened here. Instead of getting quenched  my thirst for travel just got intensified.
As I said I don't travel that often but I intend to. Over the years the meaning of travelling changed. From hotels and pools it has trickled down to tents and streams. Now it's more important to connect with nature than with wifi. I am more than happy getting lost and now having Google maps to guide me through. It's no more about booking a flight it's  more like taking your car and driving around.
I have also realised no matter how much I travel I will always want more. I may not leave everything and start travelling I love being around my loved ones. But I will always keep moving in search of new roads, cafes and places. Always keep wandering. So I want to tell all those people who don't get to travel as often as they would like to just keep wandering and change the way you look at travel. Because sometimes you have seen more in one place than what one would see in the whole world.