How I cope with anxiety while travelling.

17th Jan 2022
Photo of How I cope with anxiety while travelling. by Neeva Phatarphekar

For Hashna H. 

Here's me being vulnerable once again. Travelling anxiety happens to me all the time especially when I'm taking a solo trip or a trip with people I haven't met before. When it's with my family, I'm still travelling within my comfort zone and I'm in that bubble that protects me and keeps me going.

But the moment it's with someone else, it's stepping out of my comfort zone and that extends my comfort zone a little more. I go after my intuition and my gut telling me what to do next and where to move and how to go about it.

Fortunately being in tune with my inner moral compass helps me stay grounded and travel cautiously. I also pick my travel buddies wisely, usually people who are great at things I suck at and people are wise in terms of travelling.

Fortunately, I've had some amazing mentors when it comes to travelling but nobody who taught me how to deal with anxiety. So here are some of the tips I follow myself when it comes to travel anxiety and I hope this helps some of you if not all :

- Affirmations

My go to for any situation are affirmations which help me calm down and stay present in the moment whenever I'm losing control of my emotions or doing something for the first time.

Some of my go-to affirmations are :

I am safe.

I am divinely guided.

I am protected.

I am connected to the Universe.

I am looked after by the Universe.

Travelling is safe and no matter where I go I am safe.

I can do it as I've done it before and this isn't new.

- Praying

Praying helps me express gratitude for all that I have in my life and know that God is always with me no matter what I do and where I go - I also wear my cross and Krishna pendant so whenever I feel like negative thoughts are taking control of my mind, I touch them and am reminded of the Lord and who is truly in charge and who looks after me.

- Calling a loved one 

Calling someone who is genuinely a good listener and advisor and keeps checking on you would be a great help during your trips - someone you can keep sharing your location with or inform about your day to day trips and travels as this helps them stay in the loop and keep you accountable to someone as well. 

- Listening to feel good music 

Usually all you have to do is switch up the mood. This is easily established by listening to feel good music or by singing or dancing to your favourite tunes. Obviously if you're by yourself dancing in a public place might be looked down upon in a country like India but singing a happy tune to yourself and then listening to a happy - feel good vibe song can instantly change your emotions and you can feel much much better! 

- Breathing 

Consciously breathing would help you to calm down - especially deep belly breaths and observing your breath and coming back to the present moment. Anxiety is just a bunch of loud thoughts confusing you and not letting you think straight so it's really important to come back to the present and what better tool than the breath to establish the same. All it takes is a moment to stop, think, pause and breathe and come back to the NOW. Because the present moment is all that matters. 

 - Journaling 

I always keep a journal with me to scribble my thoughts while travelling - I've been keeping a travelogue ever since I was a kid - and it was very basic then and now it's more intense but it always helps me to relieve my emotions and anxieties on paper when I don't have anyone to talk to and it's also a healthy way to cope with the feelings I may be feeling deep within me. 

I hope this article helps you relieve your anxiety when you're travelling and remember that you are always guided and divinely protected - it's just that you don't know it yet.