Why your father is the best travel companion you will ever have

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The guy you inherited your crooked nose or high cheekbones from and also your mischievous streak. The guy who pays all your bills. The guy who lets you try out things, fall and laugh it off. The guy who says yes, after your mom said no.

The guy called, Dad.

This guy sounds pretty cool as it is and here’s why he would make the perfect travel companion.

1. It would be an all-expenses paid trip.
This is an assured benefit of travelling with your dad. Even if you try to pull some courtesy and offer your own money (which is essentially a small part of his money, if you’re in college) he’s going to turn that down with a dad smirk.

2. You will always feel safe with your dad
Your first ever knight in shining armour, even though his armour a little rusty now will also make you feel protected. Lost your way or your car stops working in the middle of the road or your mom’s calling and you’re still out even though you told her you reached the hotel safely. Fret not, because your dad will take care of everything.

3. Be prepared to be entertained with dad jokes
The typical brand of humour every father of the world holds copyright to. The kind of humour you fail to appreciate in you busy daily life.The kind of humour that had you rolling on the floor as a kid. But then you grew up. But dads never do. So go back in time and laugh to the silliest fatherly jokes and comments, no holds barred.

4. You may find a guide in your dad
Even though we are the internet generation, our parents just know more about stuff in general. So, chances are your dad has already been to that place when he was young or maybe has read about it. In that case, he is surely the best travel companion if you want to get an insight into the place and make the most of your trip.

5. Dads always encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.
Dads, even though are super protective, but they never ask you to play it safe. On a trip with your dad you get to run wild and let your hair down. You will be allowed to dare to do big and have your dad to fall back on.  
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6. You will get to see the cool side of him
Even though we all think we are the sneakiest of our kind, we know how to have fun and live life on the edge, all our dads have pulled some major shitt in their time. Most parents don’t tell you their crazy stories and choose to bore you with how they built themselves from the ground up (and of course the 10 bucks they came to town with). This trip will bring out the side of your dad you have never seen (or expected). For all you know he could gulp the pitcher down faster than you or drift at 160 kmph.

7. Get to do things your mom wouldn’t have approved of
It’s the same guy who let you have ice cream for dinner, when your mom was out of town.
Nuff said.

8. Major bonding opportunity
Office, work, college are some things that come in the way of you chilling with your dad and each day passes by with you barely getting to talk to each other. This could be your chance to share music preferences, talk about the world, get to know about his first love and finally tell him about your boyfriend.

9. Show your dad that you’re the grown up, you always claim to be.
He will finally get to see the side of you, he never got to know. He will get to see how you treat every situation, how you hold yourself in tricky times, how ready you are for the big bad world he was preparing you for.

10. Return home with stories, memories, secrets that’ll last a lifetime
Go around town twinning in matching outfits. Challenge each other for a run by lakeside. Order weird sounding food off the menu of a local restaurant. Take pictures. Lots of pictures. And come back home to huge ass Mother’s day goals.

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