Zurimanz: A Hidden Gem By Wular Lake To Emerge As A Captivating Tourist Destination

Photo of Zurimanz: A Hidden Gem By Wular Lake To Emerge As A Captivating Tourist Destination by Varsha Banerjee (Crazy Jetsetters)

Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of North Kashmir's Bandipora district lies Zurimanz, a quaint village. Embraced by the enchanting shores of the majestic Wular Lake, this hidden gem is swiftly capturing the hearts of travellers, enticing them to embark on an unforgettable journey.

As one of South Asia's largest freshwater lakes, Wular Lake unveils a breathtaking canvas for visitors to indulge in a myriad of activities. From leisurely boating ventures to captivating fishing expeditions and captivating birdwatching escapades, the possibilities are as endless as the tranquil serenity that envelops this natural wonder.

Enthusiastic tourists from all corners of India are flocking to this village, eager to witness its awe-inspiring beauty. The locals, deeply rooted in the esteemed fishermen's community, are filled with excitement, envisioning their town evolving into a thriving tourist hotspot.

Photo of Zurimanz: A Hidden Gem By Wular Lake To Emerge As A Captivating Tourist Destination by Varsha Banerjee (Crazy Jetsetters)

With hopes high, the villagers believe that with enhanced facilities and thoughtful development from the government, Zurimanz will charm even more tourists, ushering in prosperity and preserving its natural allure.

In a remarkable endeavour to boost tourism at Wular Lake, two visionary brothers hailing from Zurimanz have ingeniously crafted the very first shikara, gracefully sailing it upon the lake's tranquil waters. Firdous Ahmad Bhat, aged 42, and Ghulam Hassan, aged 40, embarked on this venture with the noble intent of improving their livelihoods while captivating visitors with the wonders of the lake.

Firdous emphasized the imperative need to protect the lake from pollution, as it not only sustains the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen but also serves as a vital component of the region's delicate ecosystem.

The locals warmly welcomed the brothers' inspiring efforts, hailing it as a remarkable step towards revitalizing the forgotten lake. The news of their extraordinary shikara and the village's charm swiftly spread through social media, attracting curious tourists from afar.

Filled with gratitude for the government's support and determination to promote tourism in the region, the villagers hold onto a glimmer of hope. They envision their humble village blossoming into a cherished destination for globetrotters seeking solace and unforgettable experiences.

The admirable endeavours of the two brothers from Zurimanz have garnered widespread acclaim, signifying the dawn of sustainable tourism and instilling awareness about the criticality of preserving the lake's precious ecosystem. The government's steadfast commitment to supporting the locals and fostering tourism has infused the villagers with hope, casting a vibrant aura of optimism upon their aspirations.

Recently, a distinguished South Indian film crew concluded the shooting of their cinematic masterpiece around the captivating expanse of Wular Lake. Under the skilled direction of Aditya Suhas, the film, deeply rooted in the captivating allure of Kashmir, encapsulated the essence of the region. Principal photography unfolded in the neighbouring Baramulla, while some scenes found their home in the embracing beauty of Zurimanz.

This landmark cinematic endeavour became the first movie filmed at the lake following the implementation of the Film Policy-2021 in Jammu and Kashmir. In 2021, the J&K government unveiled a film policy, rekindling Kashmir's cherished connection with Bollywood. By offering incentives and facilitating streamlined permission processes, the policy aimed to invigorate the region's cinematic endeavours.

Local residents who had the privilege to collaborate with the film crew enthusiastically shared their experiences, highlighting the potential for job creation within the local population.

Tourism extends beyond popular destinations; it beckons adventurers to explore hidden havens and immerse themselves in local cultures.

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