Bali Bird Park

18th Aug 2017
Photo of Bali Bird Park by Shilpi

Your trip to Bali would not be complete without visiting the beautiful Bird Park. Located in Batubulan of Gianyar region, Bali Bird Park is a gorgeous bird paradise. The little expensive ticket price had initially made me reluctant to visit the place. After I finished the park trip, I realized I would have regretted giving this park a miss.

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Home to more than 1000 birds with 250 species, the conservation park is spread in a large area with lush green and colorful flora.

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For nature lovers like me, hearing the term "birds in captivity" makes us anxious. Like others, I too had assumed the birds to be in a poor state and being ill treated for breeding. But the wrong perception changed the moment I stepped in to witness the well fed, well bred , healthy, happy birds. The ticket price was worth it. The money is wisely used in protecting, breeding and looking after the avifauna. Pelican feeding We were lucky to reach bang on time when the show started. This point onward, all I experienced was happiness and positive vibes.

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Rhinoceros Hornbill


When eagles, owls or large hunting birds are brought out and their hunting skills are shown to the public, one couldn't help but feel awed. The trained staff skillfully handle these large birds as they are unleashed to grab their prey or fly in the air.

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Komodo Dragon, one of the oldest and the deadliest reptiles alive on this plant. The Indonesian Government is trying to protect the species which are left in few at present. The park has a space for these dragons and the prey show is organized every Tuesday. More of these reptiles are in the dragon park, opposite to the bird park gate for which you need to buy separate entry tickets.

The section for rain forest birds was totally exciting. It felt like heaven. The well fed birds walk or fly around fearlessly. Some are shy while others would look into the camera and pose.

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The most dangerous bird on this planet- The southern cassowary. It is the third-tallest and second-heaviest living bird. These omnivorous birds feed mostly on fruits. The otherwise shy and calm birds can prove to be fatal when provoked and inflict injury, strong enough to cause deep wounds.

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Southern cassowary or double-wattled cassowary
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Northern or single wattled cassowary

There were many birds whose pictures I was unable to capture. The visit to the park was one amazing experience for me.

Location- Batubulan, on the road to Ubud, Just 20 minutes away from Sanur or 40 minutes drive from Kuta.

Ticket price- Approximately 1800 INR per person (385000 IDR). Details mentioned here

Bali Bird Park is doing a commendable job in managing the birds and the vicinity. The staff is well trained in handling the birds with care. Needless to mention, they are extremely polite and friendly with guests, ready to answer any question or offer help. The coming generations may not be able to see several extinct birds. The park management is making every effort to protect them. By visiting the park, one not only gains knowledge about these species but also contributes towards the maintenance of this paradise. Do visit this beautiful place in Bali. It would be totally worthy and not disappointing at all. Last but not the least, this post made it to the top post in Indiblogger's Home Page.

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