5 Top Places To Be In USA This Summer Vacation


The cold chilly winter has moved away and if the warm breeze is beckoning you to pack your bags and get on the road, we can help you with a few destinations in USA that are favorable for the summer. Whether you are travelling with your friends or with your kids just let your hair down and enjoy the summer by gorging on all the delicacies, swimming in the sea or just enjoying a sublime view that the nature has to offer.

According to popular trends, the cold winter in Chicago keeps tourists at bay in the harsh season. However, the summer is here and Chicago is ready to welcome you with the beaches thronging with volleyball players, firecrackers bursting at Navy Pier and lot more. Other than spending your time shopping, you can check out The Art Institute of Chicago or grab a musical performance at Million Dollar Quartet.

If you are looking for a little escapade from the Mc Donald’s or the IMAX theatre, here is a deal-Tuweep or Toroweap. It is a lesser known access point to North Rim’s park in Arizona. You can either drive to the edge to enjoy a little picnic their or indulge in a little bit of hiking. Tuweep is at the end of a dirty stretch of road; therefore, make sure to bring your own supply of food and water.

If you are thinking of taking a road trip, the road along the gulf coast could be it. The road snakes along Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Take short breaks o. Dauphin Island in Mobile Island offers the white-sand beaches and clear water, but of course, minus the crowd. Grab a boiled-shrimp with beer at one of the seafood shacks. Check out Fort Gaines. Because of the increase in gambling in Mississippi, it is now called mini-Vegas. Try out your luck there and move fast. Drive safely from Mississippi to Louisiana because the roads get narrow.

Fly to Kodiak and explore the island. Then, jump on the ferry when it is time for it to hit the water. The Alaskan Marine highway is about 3,500 mile and it can be covered in about a month. It covers the entire stretch from Bellingham in Washington to Dutch Harbor, which is the farthest on can reach on the Aleutian chain.

The Canada- USA boundary stretches for over 3,050m and includes some of the beautiful cities of the world. Therefore, if you are visiting Canada and want to seize a visual of the USA too, this is a good option. Niagara Falls tops the list of most visitors. Horseshoe Falls, which happens to be the largest, falls from a height of 173 feet. You can check out the Great lakes too. It is a series of fresh water lakes that finally goes into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Therefore, whether you choose to go visit Niagara Falls, take a stroll on the streets of Chicago, hike in Tuweep, enjoy your road trip, carry your first-aid kit with you to meet the consequences of any emergencies. This is a vacation so, relax and enjoy leaving the worries of work and life far away. Get more travel tips from donation travel.

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