Travel Guide To Zakynthos – The Sunkissed Land of Beaches

9th Sep 2020

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Zakynthos is a striking and jaw-dropping island in Greece. It is decorated with exotic vegetation, tall cliffs, virgin white sandy beaches, turquoise-blue sea, and along the sun-kissed white sand beach, the place is a perfect holiday destination.

Through our detailed information in this article about this location, let us help you to explore the beauty of ravishing beaches and several other sites of Zakynthos.

With the splendid weather, Zakynthos is the land to love and fall in love with. Located in the Eastern part of the Ionian Sea, the paradise island of Zakynthos is filled with lavish and phenomenal beaches to unwind. Whether you are planning for a short or a long vacation trip. This Zakynthos beach is perfect for your next vacation trip. The place is full of activities to do like riding single speed bikes and other places that will make your visit worth the while. A trip to this lavish beach is something you won't ever forget. Plan for a weekend trip and get cheap flight bookings tips through the delta airlines official site and you can also get an instant booking at very affordable rates. Book now and get ready for the perfect trip ever.

Highlighting the Travel Guide that your know before visiting Zakynthos

Where is Zakynthos?

The stunningly beautiful island of Zakynthos, located in the Eastern part of the Ionian Sea of Greece, is a splendid paradise. With the lavish beaches, luxury villas, sparkling water, ravishing taverns, and exotic vegetation, Zakynthos Greece is mesmerizing and breathtaking. The calm and soothing environment blended with the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze of the sea makes the place godly.

What is Zakynthos famous for?

The land of white sand and shining turquoise blue sea, the place is just glorious. Zakynthos Island is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek islands. The breathtaking view and the startling locations to visit, the place is famous for its beauty and serene purity. The most incredible and perplexing places to visit the Zakynthos are:

Spectacular and jaw-dropping beaches

Amazing water-sports

Shipwreck Beach (Navagio Beach)

Beautiful Zante Town

Byzantine Museum

Blue Caves

Keri Caves

Porto Limnionas

Askos Stone Park

Day 1

Where to stay in Zakynthos?

The white sand and soothing water will take you to dreamland. From the calmness of the sea and the purity of air, the Zakynthos is a dreamland. The clear sky, exotic vegetation, untouched beaches, exclusive caves, and the beauty spread along the trail, the Zakynthos will take you by surprise. The stay arrangements ranging from luxurious to friendly in the soothing Zakynthos weather are:

The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa: The five-star luxury hotel just steps away from the beach. The indoor and outdoor pools and a complimentary breakfast buffet make this place just mesmerizing.

Olea All-Suite Hotel: The five-star classic property, with a rustic-luxe vibe and mouth-watering delicacies makes this hotel one of the top-rated stays.

Balcony Hotel: The mid-range hotel just a short walk away from the beach, with sea views, and an excellent breakfast, serves the pocket and coziness.

Contessa Hotel: The budget hotel with the amazing breakfast, sweet rooms, a rooftop restaurant, and an outdoor pool will make your holidays worth remembering.

Athina Apts: Wish to live in apartments near the beach and restaurants, with free parking, then this place is the best.

How to reach Zakynthos?

With beautiful beaches and sea surrounding the place, topped with the remarkable Zakynthos weather, Zakynthos Greece is breathtaking. No matter when you visit the dreamland of Greece, the blue-white beauty of the land and sea will leave you astonished. With sheer beauty and crystal-clear water, the place is no less than heaven.

The best way to reach this city is by ship or by flight. The airport code ZTH provides the flight facilities to this island, and with so many ferries, the trip would be awe-interesting.

When is the best time to visit Zakynthos?

With average monthly temperature, the weather Zakynthos is majorly Mediterranean with hot dry summers and mild winters. The time between June and September is the best to visit paradise in blue. With the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the air, the sheer beauty of the sea, and the cottony sky, the place is a dreamland ready to embrace, and welcome the tourists with all the beauty gathered at this paradise.

Last words

The sun-kissed beaches with white sand, the vegetation spread across, the turquoise blue water, and the heavenly feeling makes the Zakynthos jaw-dropping. So what are you waiting for, start planning now and pack all your itineraries and book your delta airlines reservations in advance to the nearest airport and reach Zakynthos - The Sunkissed Land of Beaches and visit this stunning location of Zakynthos, Greece today! And get the chance to discover some different cultures, lifestyles, and wonders all in one country. And the natural beauty and diversity are bound to astonish you. and make you fall in love with this place!