Exploring the exotic side of Greece

11th Nov 2013
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Exploring Greece in their tranquil Mediterranean settings is any traveller's delight. The beautiful and exotic Greek islands lure droves of tourists every year, making them one of the world’s top travel destinations. With more than 2,000 islands, Greece is unmatched for sheer variety. Beaches, history, walking, cycling, water sports, festivals, food ecology: chances are if you want it, they've got it. However, the easily accessible Cyclades islands are some of the most beautiful.

One of the least commercial Greek Islands set in the Ionian sea. This island is truly beautiful, with scenery that makes it an artists paradise, its clear aquamarine sea and pebble beaches that have to be seen to be believed. .
Photo of Paxos, Gaios, Greece by Ava Fedorov
Naxos Greece is a popular destination for all kind of interests. It is a holiday resort for families, young and olds, people who really enjoy the sea and the sun, people with special interests such as civilization and history, people who enjoy activities such as cycling, mountain bikes, walking tours 4x4 drive beach sports, water ski, yachting and the island has the reputation to be wind surfers paradise. Saint George, Naxos Island resort Naxos Island is the largest island in Cyclades and it is one of the most beautiful among the Greek Islands. It combines superb fine sand beaches, with fertile valleys and mountainous beauty. It is one of the best holiday destinations among the Greek Islands, and its many attractions include the unique beauty, the variety of the landscape, the numerous historical places to visit, the beautiful walking wander routes, the tradition which has been preserved in many villages.
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Part of the Cyclades group of the Greek islands, Santorini is famous for its dramatic views, stunning sunsets, the white-washed houses, and its very own active volcano. If you are looking for a combination of beautiful beaches, history, and a truly one-of-a-kind overall urban ambiance. Santorini is one of the best matches in Europe.
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Fira is the capital of the island and its most important village. Fira is perched on the edge of an impressive cliff 260m high and offers a great panorama over the submerged volcano. This is the city from which all post cards have originated. Beautiful and far surpasses the photos. This is a place you must see with your own eyes and experience with all 5 senses
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Quiet, tiny and charming, Soso encompasses everything there is to love about Naoussa. The traditional Greek food is outstanding. Definitely get seafood, and just get the daily offering or ask the very hospitable owners for a recommendation. It's been getting popular lately, so if you want to guarantee a table, it's best to make a reservation.
I couldn't help but be charmed by this antiquated Greek port. The picturesque boats and cobblestone streets are out of a storybook. Don't miss the seafood -- everything you want in a Greek dining experience: fresh and simple and immediate.
Photo of Naoussa, Naousa, Greece by Ava Fedorov
This spot is so very, authentically Greek -- in the best way. It's super social and full of locals and visitors alike, all to the soundtrack of terrific Greek music. They've got great traditional meze dishes and a great offering of vegetarian options, too (skip the sub par pizza, which I didn't even try, despite the fact that they call it "the best in the world"). You can't beat its seaside location and it's long list of Greek wines.
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You'll feel like you're dreaming when you look out over the water and the magical views that you get at Porto Fira Suites. A luxurious place to enjoy all that Santorini has to offer. The breakfasts are divine and the sunsets make you stop everything and gaze in awe. Put a glass of Greek wine in your hand, and that's the perfect Santorini evening!
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Though you can eat here, it's really all about the people watching. After spending a lot of alone time, thoughtfully traveling around the Greek Islands -- this was a place to see the noisy locals bust a move. Actually, they have a pretty great line up of DJ's coming in from around the world regularly, so you might just find yourself busting a move, too!