Feet above the clouds :) #TM2021

Photo of Feet above the clouds :) #TM2021 by rahul gehlot

I've always been fond of travelling but never got the chance to explore the world. Been in the hell of the engineering journey, My roommate and I finally got the chance to explore ourselves and the beautiful world. We decided to delve into the Queen of the Hill "Mussoorie". I've never been so happy when I was at that time. My first trip eve, our feet above the clouds. It was surreal. Riding bullet on the hills was extraordinary. Eating maggie over and over again was amazing. No gonna lie, I've never enjoyed maggie that much but, the rush of travelling for the first time and the rush of enjoying it made each and every thing sweet and astonishing. Mussoorie as my first travel place made me fall in love with travelling and nature alot. The food, the whether, the people, the roads, the sound of the mall road, the wind hitting my jolly face made me happy. Being blessed with the best the roommate who arranged all this made me the happiest. The heart was pounding with joy each and every moment at that trip. We decided to make the most out of this trip and hence we ended up with river rafting in Rishikesh. It was the best adventurous thing I've ever done. Last but not the least, I just wanna say that this 4 days trip made me realise that I'm missing alot in my life which makes me happy. I would love to travel again. Touchwood.