The Backpacker Anthems


“Ah keep your eyes on the road, Your hands upon the wheel.”

Road trips are incomplete without a good playlist. For me music is the necessity for travel and life. If you have your earphone plugged in while travelling, it does cut a lot of crap and makes life easy. Travel has always inspired musicians to write some of the finest songs. Beatles traveled to Rishikesh for Transcendental Meditation, which later became one of their most productive trips. Jim Morrison traveled to desert along with rest of the Doors for inspiration.

In this chapter of BeingLocal we list some of the best Journey Songs, no mater how or with whom you travel, these songs will always fit in.

Song : Roadhouse Blues

Artist : The Doors

Album : Morrison Hotel

Year : 1970

For me Roadhouse Blues will always be a travel anthem.No one can sing it the way Jim has, and the song will give an adrenaline and a sudden urge to travel. The music, mastered by Ray Manzarek has a perfect tempo. Last line of the song : “The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near” is an inspiration to travel. Do what you want to do, today, no one can guarantee tomorrow.

Photo of The Backpacker Anthems 1/6 by Sachin Verma

Song : Riders on the Storm

Artist : The Doors

Album : LA Woman

Year : 1971

Who is not familiar with “Riders on the Storm“? The popular Doors track with a thunderous intro is a riders delight. The best song to enjoy during monsoon while riding, it will blow your mind. One of the most popular Doors song, Riders on the Storm still remain Bikers favorite around the globe. Another version of the song featuring Snoop Dogg is quite popular too.

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Song : Leaving on a Jet Plane

Artist : John Denver

Album : Rhymes and Reasons

Year : 1969

Babe, I hate to go. The best song about parting and long distance relationships. If you are leaving your loved ones, this song throughout the journey will make you remember all the lovely moments you have spent. The song will literally give you goosebumps, sometimes, you may end up crying. The song also featured in the 1998 hit film, Armageddon.

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Song : Going to California

Artist : Led Zeppelin

Album : Led Zeppelin IV

Year : 1971

From the legendary Led Zeppelin, this song is all about finding love. The lyrics are amazing and the song features in the list of Top 20 Led Zeppelin’s all time greatest. The combination of Robert Plant on Vocals and Jimmy Page on Acoustic Guitar is one of the best combinations in the musical world. The lyrics “To find a queen without a king, they say she plays guitar and cries and sings” are magnetic enough to draw you out in search of someone.

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Song : Me and You and a Dog named Boo

Artist : Lobo

Album : Introducing Lobo

Year : 1971

This song launched one of the most sought after singer of his time. The debut song for Lobo, the song is a perfect road trip song and can be played over and over. With the country soul attached to it, hear this song mixed with the sound of waves on a beach. You will be in love !

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Song : Turn The Page

Artist : Bob Seger & Metallica

Album : Quebec Magnetic (Metallica)

Year : 1973 (Bob Seger) 2012 (Metallica)

“When you’re ridin’ 16 hours and there’s nothin’ much to do”

There are very few songs which will touch a soul the way this song does. Originally by Bob Seger, the song got popularity with the Metallica version. Originally written by Bob Seger, the song is about the life of a musician on the road. The lyrics are some of the finest you could hear. “On a long and lonesome highway east of Omaha, You can listen to the engines moanin’ out it’s one old song.”

Photo of The Backpacker Anthems 6/6 by Sachin Verma

These are few songs close to my heart and are always an accomplice to me during any travel. Please use the comment box below to mention your favorites.

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Peace & Cheers.